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  1. Daniel

    digital what?

    Ds106 has been the best class that I have ever taken.  This might be the first time in my college career that I’ve learned something useful that I won’t forget.  I have to admit, when I first read the blog/warnings from the previous students of ds106 I was a little intimidated but excited for the ...
  2. Daniel

    Notting Hill the short version

    For my video project I wanted to change the music and audio of a key scene in the movie Notting Hill.  This is one of my favorite movies.  It took many, many attempts to copy the movie from vlc, to handbrake to imoviehd.  Imoviehd isn’t my favorite program, I felt limited in my capacity to ...
  3. Daniel

    My coffee table

    Last fall while the air was crisp and the colorful leaves were falling from the sky, I thought it would be fun to come up with a wood working project.  So, I decided to build a coffee table.  I thought a coffee table was appropriate considering I knew I would eventually be moving out of ...
  4. Daniel

    Last TAL

    I enjoyed hearing the historian talk about what separation of church and state really means and the history behind it.  I think the founding fathers were in favor of a Christian nation but, they knew that there shouldn’t be a religious test for politicians.  If anyone looks throughout history you can see how institutions usually ...
  5. Daniel


      This is my web storytelling assignment called DANL REPORT.  For the assignment I decided to use drudgereport as, it is a fairly simple site and easy to manipulate.  The images I added were, of course danlreport, obama and the water bottle.  The add on “screen grab” wasn’t working so, I took a few screen ...
  6. Daniel

    Switched at Birth

    Seriously!?  How can you knowingly raise a child that you know is not yours while letting your own child be raised by someone else?  I don’t think this is something that you just forget about overtime.  Imagine going through life, your forty years old and one day you find out your mother and father are ...
  7. Daniel

    Beach trip

      Here’s my bumper and segment for ds106radio!  Audacity turned out to be pretty easy to use, although putting these together took A LOT more time than I had anticipated but, I really enjoyed making them.  For the bumper I wanted to create something upbeat.  I tried to find songs that had lyrics that would ...
  8. Daniel


    Act one is a very sad story.  It’s really upsetting to hear stories of fathers who abandon there families.  In this particular story the father, out of selfishness abandoned his family.  He did not inhabit true masculinity, he abandoned his role as leader and left his son to take care of his mother.  I applaud ...
  9. Daniel

    London Paddington Mp3

    *Listen to me… Paddington* Sorry Martha, I did another waking up in the morning one…  It’s supposed to be someone getting ready for work, then speeding to the train station.
  10. Daniel

    Dog days of summer ~ ds106 radio

    *Listen to me… Ka’au Crater Boys – Under the Boardwalk* For the radio assignment, I’ve decided to tell a beach story.  When I think of summer, I think of the beach.  My girlfriend and I are beach fanatics, we made A LOT of day trips to the beach last summer and, there’s one story in ...
  11. Daniel

    The little caption

    For this assignment I had to take a picture and add a little caption to it.  I took a picture of my dog Sophie chasing a squirrel.  A squirrel caption didn’t really fit because it looked more like she was hiding.  I thought the caption “They’ll never find me here,” could have a couple different ...
  12. Daniel

    Illustrate 106

    For this assignment I had to find an image of 106 and manipulate it.  Since us students take ds106 in a classroom, I wanted to merge “the traditional classroom aspect” by taking a picture of a classroom door, with the digital multimedia concept that ds106 is creating.  I’m not very happy with the result, I ...
  13. Daniel

    Common everyday object

    For this assignment I had to take a picture of a common everyday object and manipulate the colors.  I couldn’t decide between these two pictures so I decided to publish them both. For the top image I wanted to capture something that people use everyday but may not think to much about so I took ...
  14. Daniel

    Recreating history

    I’m listening to This American Life #38: Simulated Worlds.  I have to disagree with Umberto Eco when he said “the urge to create these miniature simulated worlds is a very American impulse.”  I think we might have taken it to an extreme but it’s not solely an American impulse.  I was at Windsor castle a ...
  15. Daniel


    The title of this assignment is, The Big Caption.  I was scrolling through some pretty depressing pictures of war and conflict around the world and then the Mississippi flooding and all of a sudden I come across this picture, of an older gentleman catching a perch fish from his backyard deck.  I couldn’t but help ...
  16. Daniel 2011-05-26 08:20:46

    This American Life: #27 Cruelty of Children.  I don’t particularly know what to make of Act One, I understand David Sedaris was trying to be amusing and at times he was, but I couldn’t help but feeling a little sorry for him.  From what I heard it sounds like he has a lot of wounds ...
  17. Daniel

    Town vs Gown

    Where to begin… “I’m not as think as you drunk I am”….classic.  I couldn’t help but laugh when the host of the story would pause and say…”but, I was like that too.”   It’s evident that State College and the local communities priorities differ when dealing with drinking.  The student body is having all of ...
  18. Daniel

    Think, think, think..

    Tooo many choices, lately I’ve become very indecisive.. I can tell that’s not going to work for this class : / Visual #1. Find Yourself #2. Illustrate 106 Design #1. The Big Caption #2. Re-brand ‘Em

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