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  1. Emily Roberts

    An important lesson for busy people.

    Here you go everyone. A post. Featuring one of my trademark gifs. This one with the Steampunk theme. I’m proud of it. The important lesson I speak of in the title? My full time job has prevented me from drawing for ages. This holiday weekend, I was finally able to draw a gif again, and ...
  2. Emily Roberts

    I GIF’d again.

    Always and eternal, the satisfaction of making an oots-style animation with Inkscape and GIMP. These have been entered in the last few Iron Avatarists. The Marx Brothers are fantastic classic cinema, and you should watch them. This emulates the opening of Monkey Business. Cats have it so easy. Find string, play with string, string goes ...
  3. Emily Roberts

    Too lazy.

    I was going to use Game of Thrones as an excuse to blog more, but to be honest it just got interesting (Bran was thrown off a building, Ned’s gone with the King, half of the Starks remained behind at Winterfell including Ned’s wife because of Bran’s injury, the King is up to something nefarious, ...
  4. Emily Roberts

    Hero’s Journey Part 7: History Lesson

    Ah, this is quite textful. Because it’s ridiculously wall-of-text, I believe I’ll color the dialog for you. Follows on from Tempy’s Part 6. If you haven’t read the story yet, start at Part 1. Photo by nickehret The black bird lay on its side, glaring at us from inside the net of flowers. Its gaze ...
  5. Emily Roberts

    Well, I suppose once Jim Groom posts about it

    I can’t do anything but blog about it myself. After all, it’s my own work! So, yesterday I was thinking about Terry Gilliam, the guy who did the animations for Monty Python. Since I’m getting my BA in German with a minor in procrastination, I decided to take my new favorite photo for chopping up, ...
  6. Emily Roberts

    Latin dinosaurs

    Always relevant. So, it all started with the Velociraptor Variety Show explained on Tempy’s blog, and her slogan Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus. I made it my facebook status, got a few comments, and now whenever I see a Latin expression or phrase I feel the need to replace a word with a dinosaur. Here are some ...
  7. Emily Roberts

    Hero’s Journey Part 5: Silver Knight

    Following on from Tempy’s Part Four, Jim Groom made his own Part Five as well. Thought I’d get the ball rolling on the “choose your own adventure” part of this exercise. Picture by Andrew Becraft “Sis.” I couldn’t think of what else to say. We embraced. “How did you get here?” she asked me. “I ...
  8. Emily Roberts

    The Hero’s Journey Part Two: Doe a deer

    Following Tempy’s attempt (lol) at a digital choose-your-own-adventure story. I followed a worn path from the bottom of our hill into the forest. I’d never gone there before in the past, it was a frightful place, and I was sure there would be many wild creatures. I had no weapon but the knife my father ...

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