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    The Ultimate Finale


    The scene prior to the rescue:





    Well this is the end! This class has taught me so much about the various forms of digital media and how to use each one. For the final project I gave my character, Kate, one of her hardest missions yet. …

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    Week 13 Summary/Update on Final Project


    For my final project (I can’t believe the semester is ending), I have struggled with what to do for this final project. I knew I wanted to have my last project show my character’s ultimate superhero moment. I brainstormed for a few days. I decided on the idea of my …

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    Week 12 Summary


    This was a really fun week of assignments! I really liked all of the assignment options and it was hard to choose which ones to do. For the tutorial, I decided to do a mashup I had just done. I really like the holiday mashup, so I made a new …

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    Daily Creates for Week 12


    For this week, we had to do two daily creates. I really liked the winter daily create because it was super cold that day and let me imagine being somewhere warm or on the beach. The next tweet I did was the celebratory tweet for 2500 tweets which is really …

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    History Remix


    For this remix, there were not any instructions, so I looked at the image and decided what to do. The image involved a political cartoon on US history and remix wanted me to incorporate another language into the assignment. I decided to find pictures and make a collage of …

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    Holiday Tutorial


    For this assignment, I started to think about my favorite holidays. I decided that my favorite holidays were Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. You can use any photo editing website or app. I used the Photoshop Fix app to create the assignment. I decided to use a Christmas tree, turkey, and …

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    Superhero Mashup


    For this assignment (4 stars), I decided to put my character, Kate, into a scene. I found a super hero character online and then used the “Photoshop Mix” website to cut her out. I thought that this character was a good representation of what Kate would like. I then …

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    Logo Mashup


    For this assignment (2 stars), I decided to mashup the nike slogan and the under armor logo. These are two big competitors, so I wanted to put them together. I started by finding the Under Armor logo and then cut it out on the “Photoshop Mix” app. I then …

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    Holiday Mashup


    For this assignment (4.5 stars), I decided to pick my favorite holidays and make them one. I chose the background to be fireworks to represent the Fourth of July. I really like getting to see the fireworks, and my family usually gets together with friends which is always a …

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    Week 11 Summary


    This week was a lot better than last week! I feel like I am getting better at making videos and enjoyed working on the assignments. For my first assignment, I decided to incorporate my character, Kate, in the assignment by showing the life of one of the animals she rescued. …

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    Daily Creates for the Week


    This week’s daily creates were a lot of fun to think about! My first daily create was for daylight savings time. I decided to find a GIF to represents setting your clock back and really liked this one from The Office. Next, I found this picture of this odd combination …

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    The Story of Kate


    For this assignment (5 stars), I decided to create a documentary based on my character, Kate. I started by thinking abut what I wanted to say. I wrote up a story and then found the pictures to go along with it. I started by recording the intro and then …

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    Week 10 Summary


    This has been another crazy week! I feel like all of my classes always have so much due every week! When I saw this was video week, I was super nervous and unsure about how it would go. I was surprised at the ease of video. It took me awhile …

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    Avengers Analysis


    For my film analysis, I decided to use the movie Avengers 2. I have always liked the Marvel movies and figured they have so many characters and action scenes that it would be a good movie to look for the features. After I watched the videos on features in film, …

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    I saw this assignment (2 stars) and knew I had to do it! I do not have a dog but have always wanted one. I started by googling pictures of cute dogs and picked my favorites which was so hard. I chose my favorites and then added them to iMovie. …

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    For this assignment (3.5 stars), I created a video of ocean waves. I started by finding the ocean waves on freesound.org. I also found a person saying relax that I thought would tie into the assignment. I used audacity to add the two audios and then exported them and …

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    Where I Want to Go


    For this assignment (4 stars), I created a video of two cities in Spain I want to visit, Barcelona and Spain. I have always wanted to visit Spain and these pictures make me want to even more! I googled pictures for both the cities and then uploaded them to …

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    My Dream Schedule


    For the Story Within a Story assignment, I decided to make my dream class schedule. I downloaded Google X-Ray and then searched for various ideas and then realized canvas would be fun to try. It is an easy website and did not have too many features. I thought about classes …

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    GIF Story


    For this assignment (3 stars), I decided to create a GIF story based on a fairytale. I found the GIFs using GIPHY and placed them into my post. I thought about the story and then searched for the various ideas.



    I chose the fairytale Goldilocks and the three bears. …

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    Pinterest Room


    I thought this assignment (4.5) was a lot of fun and made me want to redo my room! I started by creating a Pinterest account for the class. I then created a board specifically for my room ideas. I searched for ideas involving comfy and elegant rooms. I also searched …

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    Listening to the Radio Show


    I listened to the Super Storytellers radio show. I really enjoyed listening to everyone’s ideas! The commercials were my favorite part! They were super creative and unique and all tied in well to the stories. Everyone had great tone and sounded super professional. I also liked that the voices were …

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