1. Eri Funahashi

    Always Be Tweeting


     Hello, everyone!

    I’m gonna write about Evan Williams who is an investor and CEO of twitter!!

    He was born in  Clarks, Nebraska on March 31, 1972. He attended the University of Nebraska for a year and a half, but he left there to pursue his carrer. After he left the …

  2. Eri Funahashi

    Uniqlo Pioneer


    Here is my third ds 106 assignment which is called” Uniqlo Pioneer”.

    The  Assignment

    I have wanted to do the ds106 assignment which is called “Patty Pionner” by Adam since I checked the ds 106 site. It seemed very fun to do, but I changed  the instruction. …

  3. Eri Funahashi

    Image with a Message


    The Assignment

    I decided to do Image with a Message as my second ds106 assignment for the semester. The reason that I chose this assignment  is that I thought  it would be fun to do.  The assignment read: It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Your …

  4. Eri Funahashi



    Hello everyone!  My name is Eri.  Actually, this is my first time to write the blog post, so I don’t know what I should write in here….

    Now I decided to write about myself. I’m 21 years old sophmore in TUJ. I was born and raised in Japan and went …

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