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  1. ewindley

    Words of Wisdom

    Reflecting back on my own trials in this class I will leave you with three parting suggestions that might have made things go a little smoother for me. I wish I had made myself a cheat sheet for the simple things I kept forgetting.  It would include the following: Post the weekly work into Canvas. … Continue reading Words of Wisdom
  2. ewindley

    TDC Idea

    Find or take a picture of someone who can be recognized even when showing only one body part (that is not their face).  Such as Santa’s hand reaching for cookies, Ronald McDonald’s feet, Big Birds tail . . . you get the idea.  Tweet and share your image. Merry Christmas!
  3. ewindley


    Since I really appreciated when I found an assignment with a tutorial I have included one for each of my assignment ideas. Edit a magazine cover in a fun and interesting way. Cerate a comic strip using an online software program. Hope these are helpful to someone else.
  4. ewindley

    First Tutorial

    This is my tutorial for editing a magazine cover in a fun and interesting way and posting a before and after image.  Go online and find a magazine cover and right click on it and select “save picture as” using a JPEG document type.  Then go to your picture and right click on it and select “open with” … Continue reading First Tutorial
  5. ewindley

    Assignment Ideas

    As my two assignment ideas I suggested: editing a magazine cover in a fun or interesting way and posting a before and after image. create a comic strip using a free online comic strip program such as Have fun everyone!
  6. ewindley

    Second Assignment Idea

    by Create a comic strip.  There are a number of free comic strip software programs available online.  Use one to make a comic of your own.  I made this one on as an example.
  7. ewindley

    Project Ideas

    I should leave this a blank page . . . because that would sum up my project ideas.  I hope it will all come together this weekend. My host character Esmerelda the fortune teller was made in the image of a comic character.  I take a class at the UMW Stafford campus on Thursday nights … Continue reading Project Ideas
  8. ewindley


    One of the assignments I did this week was to take the audio commercial I created a few weeks ago for the radio show and adding a visual element to it. This assignment allowed you to use still clips and arrange them to go along with the audio that was already created.  The trick was … Continue reading Commercial
  9. ewindley

    Mini Documentary

    This weeks video assignments included a must do mini documentary.  My video for this features Kyle Hvisdash telling us about his favorite band of all time.  The mini documentary on The Sun City Girls is a story of an eclectic style band so to make my movie in keeping with this I used a movie … Continue reading Mini Documentary
  10. ewindley

    Turning it Up

    This week we are continuing with video and incorporating our audio as well and utilizing our host character.  I started out the week reading the unit on making movies.  I watched the film clip by Ken Burns where he discusses the intent for manipulation in storytelling.  I was extremely moved by the sharing of his … Continue reading Turning it Up
  11. ewindley

    Week 10 Summary

    This week is videodrome and we had two choices this week, we could work together as a group again and create a video assignment or do work from the video assignment bank.  I chose to do work from the assignment bank because the time commitment for working in a group is problematic for me right … Continue reading Week 10 Summary
  12. ewindley

    Video Essay

    I created this video essay on the escape scene from the Shawshank Redemption movie Directed by Frank Darabont and starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman.  I got my clip from  The scene is dominated by the character expressions and the camera shots that capture the emotions of what’s going on at that moment.  The … Continue reading Video Essay
  13. ewindley

    Highlights Reel

    This week we are doing assignments from the Video Assignment category.  I chose this one which was to create a video highlight reel for your favorite sports player.  I like baseball and the Washington Nationals player, Bryce Harper is certainly interesting to watch.  I took some clips I found online on Google Images and using … Continue reading Highlights Reel
  14. ewindley

    Bucket List

    The best assignment I did this week was a Bucket List which features the host characters from my radio show group.  The visual assignment asked for a collage of pictures representing things you want to do.  I was able to use it to say I would see Felicia’s Clown Show, Listen to Scott’s Edward Creepy … Continue reading Bucket List
  15. ewindley

    Camp Poster

    Another assignment to showcase the host characters is this Camp Poster project.  Would you attend a Fortune Telling Camp with Esmerelda?
  16. ewindley

    Week 8 Summary

    This week was a group project week.  I am a member of Group 4 along with Scott Clower, Felicia Liu, and Rebecca Reverco (Gussie).  We took our group radio show name from Scott’s host character Edward Creepy.  We made Edward Creepy the host of the radio show.  For the show Edward interviews two movie critics … Continue reading Week 8 Summary

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