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  1. Excy Herrera

    redub the audio

    I took the etrade babies commercial and decided to let them have a conversation about the women’s world cup final and lets just say one got carried away. I used audacity and windows movie maker to make this video and I uploaded it to Vimeo. Untitled from xc on Vimeo. There is no audio file ...
  2. Excy Herrera

    trailer mashup

    I decided to take to different films and combine them by having ones audio and the others visual. I took the audio of the Night at the Roxbury and the visual of Transformers Dark of the Moon. I used to audacity and windows movie maker to edit the audio and put together the video. Untitled ...
  3. Excy Herrera

    Web Storytelling

              webstorytelling final   In light of the Fifa Womens World Cup I decided to do my webstory on it. I went to one of the most famous soccer websites and the trophy a product that can be “bought.” I added the image so that the trophy is seen and ...
  4. Excy Herrera


      I mixed in three songs to create a ringtone. Using audacity I basically cut and pasted the songs together to make one single ringtone. Songs: Stronger— Kanye West Reggae Rustico— Cultura Profetica Liztomania— Phoenix There is no audio file regarding this post
  5. Excy Herrera

    soundeffects story

    People are outside at a bbq just talking, listening to music, kicking a ball around, basically having a good time. Out of no where the grill catches on fire and someone yells fire and people (women, couldn’t really find regular people screaming) scream. You then hear the fire fighters come and put out the fire! ...
  6. Excy Herrera


    I know I have been MIA for the past couple of days, but I’ve been actually hard at work with these audio assignments. I have finished two and half (half is still being worked on). The reason I haven’t posted them up is because I’m having trouble with the audio player and in this long ...
  7. Excy Herrera


                        something linear, these are actually blinds. They look to be something different, but I think it looks cool.
  8. Excy Herrera

    ds593, ds594, ds595

    I was at Lake Anna all weekend and we didn’t have internet at the house so that’s why I am uploading these pics so late.                     Here is something that has to do with the sky, it was cloudless that day!           ...
  9. Excy Herrera


                        when I think of a deadline I think food and their expiration date. You spend money on food and when you have to through away food it’s like your throwing away money and that’s no fun. Also when food “die” they can’t be eaten and ...
  10. Excy Herrera

    Movie fortunes

                    Gladiator, one of the  best action movies ever period. Not only is there an awesome storyline and beast action, there are some quotes throughout the movie. One of quotes I know by heart is “what we do in life echoes an eternity.” That quote gets me every ...
  11. Excy Herrera

    Greetings from DS106

                    Both of my parents are from El Salvador and I was born there as well. Even though I came to the U.S. when I was three, the Salvadorean culture will forever be part of me. The images that I picked are just some of the things that ...
  12. Excy Herrera

    Iconic you

                      This image is two things a soccer ball and an eye. Soccer has always been part of my life and always will. The red on the inside represents the love that I have for it and passion as well. I guess you can say I’m a ...
  13. Excy Herrera

    ds590 and ds591

                  White dominance! How about a sheet of paper? This is actually the sheet of paper that my roommates and I use to figure if we’ve payed the bills!                     Choices—> well we are have to make difficult choices like ...
  14. Excy Herrera

    The big hip hop

                      This image from the Big Picture, I just downloaded the image and overlaid with texts from Nelly’s 2002 summer hit “Hot in Herre” Got Nelly?  
  15. Excy Herrera

    Return to the scene of the crime!

                        This picture was taken three years ago in 2008 for my boyfriends prom. This picture was taken outside his house and I thought it would be a perfect picture to frame. Now I know it’s not perfect, but you can tell thats where the picture ...
  16. Excy Herrera

    Dr. Oblivion is Missing

                                                So I grabbed an image of Dr. Oblivion to make the missing persons poster. I used picnik to change the image and give the image a color boost. I then put in text ...
  17. Excy Herrera

    Find yourself

            I work at The General Store and it’s this small house on College Ave that is restaurant. I know it’s called the General Store and it’s not a store haha. Well this place has been around since the 70′s and there’s a whole lot of random stuff in the restaurant and ...
  18. Excy Herrera


                        An illustration of attraction… for kids! I went to a family members baby shower and the first thing I saw was a bunch of kids running towards the trampoline. Automatic attraction I guess!
  19. Excy Herrera


                    Two complimentary objects, what’s better than a bowl and spoon? Perfect for eating cereal (as I had just finished doing).
  20. Excy Herrera

    Buddy Photo

                                          My buddy for the day a small little bear that I borrowed from my roommate. As a good buddy I decided to take him to take him to ihop to get some delicious pancakes. After Ihop ...
  21. Excy Herrera

    plugins & such

    I tried to put in slickr flickr, but I couldn’t get it to appear on the blog so I decided to get the Quick Flickr widget. Now I suck with computers so I had to get someone my get the slickr flickr, but we both couldn’t figure it out. It doesn’t matter though because I ...
  22. Excy Herrera


    Working the angles today. You can see the inside of the shoe which is awesome because I love the color and it makes the shoes funky. The angle shows its own personality!
  23. Excy Herrera


    A pair of subjects—> two worthy subjects if I do say so myself. You can do so much with them pick up things, give two thumbs up, etc. You can even paint them and make them nice like how I did!
  24. Excy Herrera

    A Personal Cyberinfrastructure

    Garderner Campell’s essay was interesting he put in some background of the cyber world and how higher education would workshop on HTML. He then moved on to talk about how higher education does not keep up with what is going on in the cyber world or at least correctly. He then gives his opinion of ...
  25. Excy Herrera


    heat in its many form I looked down, hey my shirt illustrates heat, it has flames, the dorm always had fire drills (I’m guessing that’s why we got that logo on our shirt), and it always made me angry in … Continue reading

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