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  1. fitchmate

    An Ode To Kanye

    “My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live” – Kanye West   The home video task I easily enjoyed the most, In this task you were asked to create a video of someone you idolize that captured the essence of the person, and all the things […]
  2. fitchmate

    Bangers & Mash(Up)

    “I f*cking love a Big Mac Me” – Danny Dyer*   *Don’t ask about the Danny Dyer reference. The mashup assignment I chose was the ’10 second song mashup challenge’ in this challenge you basically had to stick 3 songs together to make an amalgamation (good word eh?) that lasted 10 seconds, and at least made […]
  3. fitchmate

    I said… ‘Slow It Dowwwwn’

    “No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” – Billy Joel   As I do mention quite a bit throughout my blog, I am a lover of music. Music in all shapes and sizes is ‘bae‘. I’m always listening to new music of different genres, and always adding to my collection, so it was obvious […]
  4. fitchmate


    “Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.” – Steve Jobs   The task I chose for the Design assignment was ___________ the song I chose to do was, Kanye West: Blame Game, I chose this song because, […]
  5. fitchmate

    Phuket List

    These days everyone’s got a Bucket list, and most of them involve travelling to here there and everywhere (Now you find the title of this blog more amusing than offensive right?) in this task, we were asked to create a visual collage of our Bucket Lists. When I was 16 I wrote on this tiny […]
  6. fitchmate

    Never Judge A WebPage By Its Cover

    “I’m looking for a girlfriend. That’s why I brought binoculars.” – Jarod Kintz Here is the original article I chose, before remixing it. If i’m being truthful, this wasn’t an assignment I thought I’d enjoy, saying that, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that these X-Ray Goggles are the best thing to happen to the […]
  7. fitchmate

    Giff Rhys Jones

    “Now, Piers Morgan is a bit of ****” –Griff Rhys Jones   Who doesn’t love a good Gif?! Gif’s are some of the best things on the internet, and whenever I’m on Twitter and someone posts a Gif, I have to look! Throughout my blogging experience, I’ve now had the opportunity to make 2 Gifs, […]
  8. fitchmate

    A PhotoBlitz, With PhotoFitch

    “The best thing about a picture, is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” –Andy Warhol. Flickr: @fitchthelatebloomer In this task we basically had to take 15 photos in 15 minutes, and then upload our top 5 to Flickr. I chose to stay at home for this task, purely because I […]
  9. fitchmate

    Would Never Have Guessed, Another Daily Creates.

    This Daily create was #TDC1411 Red, it was to find the closest thing to you that is red,and take a photo of it, my object wasn’t very exciting tbh, so i tried to make it look like one of those photo’s you would see on Buzzfeed, #Cool#Edgy #Banking #OnTheGo #NewWave those ones. #TDC1408 was to draw […]
  10. fitchmate

    Warrior: A Real Mans Cinderella Story

    Kurt Vonnegut’s theory that all stories effectively follow the same story, is true for every film you’ve ever seen, there are 8 categories that the film can fall into, Man in the Hole, Boy Meets Girl, From Bad To Worse, Which way is up, Creation Story, Old Testament, New testament, and finally the one i’ll […]
  11. fitchmate


    My next task was to create a gif of my favourite film, the title has nothing to do with it, infact I hate Harry Potter, however I’ll do anything for a pun, and that’s a good one. The film I actually picked was Green Street, for obvious reasons, like its the best film of all […]
  12. fitchmate

    BREAKING NEWS: More Daily Creates

    #TDC1404 ‘s theme was (aptly enough) ‘Theme Song’, basically if I had a theme song what would it be, the problem here is, there is so many choices, and so little time (quite a lot of time actually, they’re daily, so 24 hours…) Anyway i was stuck between a Skepta, J. Cole or a song […]
  13. fitchmate

    Social Media

    What is Social Media? Well to Google it is websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. For me though its more than that, its a way of communicating with people you don’t see every day, and extending your relationships with people you already know, Its […]
  14. fitchmate

    Daily Creates

    Daily Creates have been a bit of a struggle for me, i’m not gonna lie about it, the process itself its a great idea, its just the topics really never seem to be something i can be motivated by, however after doing them every day, i did run into one or two that i enjoyed, […]

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