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  1. @flmngrose

    Digi Final

    What it feels like:   Before the Beginning: I used piskel to create the animations.  I like using piskel because it allows me to be very precise and I have previous experience using it for other projects in the past.  I do not recommend piskel for big projects such as this.  Sprites and animations can easily […]
  2. @flmngrose

    Chris M.

    I love his three-panel bird installation.  Birth – body disintegrating into birds.  Critique/being picked apart – birds coming down and out to attack you.  Transcendence – sprout giant wings.  Chris works with VR technology for some of his projects making them interactive.  He has a wide variety of motion pictures, some animated and some live […]
  3. @flmngrose

    Marco B.

    He has done a lot of interesting video work.  He also worked on multiple movies during the 1990’s and early 2000’s.   He is very proficient in layer work.  His megaplexes are just layers and layers of gifs, as many gifs as one could fit in one area and still make sense.  He uses colors and tints […]
  4. @flmngrose

    Evan R.

    Great use of space.  His work varies from being very economical with space to be very spread out and really using the space given. They way he sorts his wires are the most organized of the artists we have seen so far.  His installations with photographs and filters are very well done and organized.  I […]
  5. @flmngrose

    David M

    He has a lot of variety in his work.  Many different pieces with different personality. They range from fun, cool, slick to even trippy.  It looks like he has done some commercialization with his work for things like shoes.  I like his work, it is all very clean and well done.  Nothing looks sloppy or […]
  6. @flmngrose

    Takeshi M.

    All his prints are of good quality and well made; they are thought out pieces.  His videos remind me of things made in SOURCE.  They often feel abstract and bazaar until the conclusions.  In his OM Rider video, you can see he puts a lot of effort into the faces and characters being detailed.  Then you […]
  7. @flmngrose

    Kirsten L.

    Kristen does a lot of stop-motion short films.  They are of good quality, even the earlier films she made as an undergrad.  You can see how she improves through the years and how she starts making more and more complicated pieces.  She even did an episode of adventure time in stop motion for cartoon network.  She […]
  8. @flmngrose

    Pipilotti R

    Her installations are well thought out and put together nicely.  They are very aesthetically pleasing.  With the usage of lighting, objects, projection, and placement these pieces appeal to the senses, how things feel how textures and or the use of touch are utilized in her videos, and how the objects the audience are to sit on go […]
  9. @flmngrose

    Jason S.

    Jason has intense variety.  He uses the idea of many pictures, objects, and or ideas melding into one, he uses averaging often in his work.  In “The Class of 1988 & The Class of 1967 ”  in 1998 he took the graduating photos from a yearbook and applied his own custom averaging process to create one […]
  10. @flmngrose

    Kelli C.

    Kelli creates impossible situations by taking multiple pictures of herself and photoshopping them to look like one seamless image.  She often creates these pictures by taking on a masculine form (outfit and body language) and a feminine form.  At first, glance, scrolling down her gallery it appears to be a lesbian love story or twincest.  When […]
  11. @flmngrose

    Fun with Scanners

    Abstract :  Man in the Darkness Made by spinning and rotating different glass objects on and above the scanner. Representational:  PAC-MANISH No objects are manipulated.  Rectangles are added to make it look like PAC-MAN in game. original size image:
  12. @flmngrose

    Wafaa B.

    He takes a lot of current events and problems taking place in Iraq and puts them into his work.  He deals with day to day life and the misfortunes of war and controversies.  Once in protest to the war, he confined himself to a small room in a gallery.  While he was confined he could […]
  13. @flmngrose

    Christian M.

    A lot of his work revolves around music and turning music into fine art.  His physical art pieces are very diverse and well put together.  He uses onomatopoeia in some of his works; the way he makes the words makes them look like they came out of a comic strip.  I have an example of this on […]
  14. @flmngrose

    Rashaad N

    Most of Rashaad’s work is high quality, time and effort are put into his work as well as thought and influences. I say influences because he puts a lot of his personal cultural aspects into his work.  He likes to put himself, who he is and what has influenced his life into his work which […]
  15. @flmngrose

    One Tool Adventure

    Original:  Photoshopped The first picture is manipulated with the smudge tool. I used the history brush on the second image. Lastly, I used the spot healing tool using only patterns. Red Forest in My Garden:   Time to Wash Grace:   Child Statue:  
  16. @flmngrose

    Sara Ludy

    A lot of her work is very modern, other parts of her work also have a psychedelic effect. She has variety in her work both virtual and physical.  Sara takes some inspiration from the real world and makes it into something in the virtual world. In some of her projection work, she changes plants to […]
  17. @flmngrose

    Nam June Paik

    He is considered the father of video art. He uses technology to make art, and the further you look the better it gets. he has created many different pieces. This creative art style started after he went to Germany. Looking at his art the fact that he went to school in Germany for the arts […]
  18. @flmngrose

    ABC Entrance

    A:  Digital Art can be any form of art made with digital technology.  Any creative action that is taken to create something digitally. B:  Some defining features of digital art is that it is digital and it is the creation of something with limitation to only their imagination.  an Advantage of digital art is that people have […]
  19. @flmngrose

    Week Five Summary

    I believe my work for the final project was very well done, I put many hours into it.  I woke up early every morning to work on the story, and I never left the house.  I wish I had the whole week to work on it, because I had so many character I wanted to […]
  20. @flmngrose

    For all Eternity

    THE MAN An elvish man, long dark hair, two braids at the side of his head, tied back and braided together to keep hair out of his face.  The sound of a morning lark wakes up a man, he get’s out of bed and gets ready for the day ahead of him.  He thinks of […]
  21. @flmngrose

    Week 4 Summary

    Ebert + video notes Three views of a scene Video Assignments: League Moments How to Shuffle What I did to complete these assignments   Daily Creates: Daily Create 1 : Three things that make me happy, halo, league of legends, and Minecraft Daily Create 2: Story of a construction worker that works for his family’s well-being […]
  22. @flmngrose

    Working with Movie Maker

        The two assignments I completed with movie maker: How to/tutorial: Here’s a link to the video hobby/videogames: Vimeo link    These are the tools I used to make my video assignments.  First, let’s talk about the adding videos and music.  To add videos use this:  or drag and drop your video files onto your storyboard. […]
  23. @flmngrose

    League moments

    Vimeo link    I originally prepared 12 minutes worth of content, uploading that much content, however, was a problem.  So I had to remove all but three of my games and clip out most of the spaces between action.  I chose the funnier moments to keep because it is moments like those that keep bringing […]
  24. @flmngrose

    Shuffling Tutorial

    Here’s a link to the video, I couldn’t embed the video because the file was too large.  The file was also too large for vimeo’s weekly limit of 500mb, so I had to turn down the quality in order to upload it.  so the video isn’t too crisp, but it still get’s the message across.   […]
  25. @flmngrose

    My elbert response and video notes

    The act of stopping the film to take a closer look is appealing.  Doing so can reveal the emotion and passion of an actor; it may also reveal things that went unnoticed before, things in the background.   Right is usually the dominant side, even in films. Just as moving right is positive and left […]
  26. @flmngrose

    Three views of the scene

    I watched this on Youtube, and viewed it in three different ways. Three views of the scene Blind: roaring crowds, heavy footsteps.  A sword is thrown down, lighter footsteps tread the ground.  The first hit, the crowd roars again, the cheering gets quieter, you can hear the breathing of the men fighting, they sound fatigued. […]

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