1. GiancarloMendoza

    Zine Project


    For this Project, I picked 4 images to create the composition.

    For the elaboration process, use adobe photoshop. I started thinking about how to mix these images and create something related to imagination and creativity. After having an idea of ??what I was going to do, I began to recover …

  2. GiancarloMendoza

    GIF project


    We started experimenting how to create a gif, well, this is the mine.

    In order to create this gif, we start with a basic image.

    Then we open the image in photoshop and start modifying.In order to modifying the image we can use some filter or adjustment of color.


  3. GiancarloMendoza



    first assignment

    In this assignment, I chose Keanu Reeves as the protagonist and then transformed him into a zombie.
    It was not very difficult to do it since I have knowledge of the use of photoshop.

    In an apocalyptic world, even the famous actor Keanu Reeves has fallen into disgrace. …

  4. GiancarloMendoza

    the art of making memes


    At this time of the semester is when I feel identified with university memes.
    and these are kind of my favorites. Today the definition of art has changed considerably compared to what it was before. Now the masterpiece of art, to be considered as such has to at least obey …

  5. GiancarloMendoza

    My First Reaction to CT101 class


    When i started the class he first day i didn’t sleep, so I dint know how to react to what the professor was saying. But through the class, I started to motivate myself to do what we were going to do in the semester.

    The bad thing that i …

  6. GiancarloMendoza

    what Makes Me Happy?


    Sometimes when I’m navigating in the internet I enjoy watching memes that probably most of the people like that too. I would like to share this gif that makes me laugh a lot because sometimes I like to laugh at the bad things that happen to me.

    Also because I’m …

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