1. Giulia

    Drive by learning


    Evidence that learning cannot be contained within the boundaries of a course, I’ve taken a couple double takes reading both Audrey Watters’ and Mike Caulfield’s excellent critiques about Sugra Mitra and his Hole in the Wall project in India.

    Caulfield also tweeted a link to this excellent essay by Morozov …

  2. Giulia

    Data Mine


    Another great #etmooc session this eve. Audrey Watters dropped some awesome thought bombs. She posed some challenging questions, as we move beyond the analog manilla envelope (like her mom collected of her school artefacts) into the digital realm and quintillions of bytes are collected daily.

    How do students, teachers, administrators, …

  3. Giulia

    EDCMOOC: Utopia, as x approaches c


    There’s a lot to like about the EDCMOOC currently running in Coursera. It’s probably the closest thing I’ve seen to a cMOOC on an xMOOC platform. That said, the platform hinders its greatness. This course would be just about perfect if it existed entirely on the open web. Indeed, much …

  4. Giulia

    spring eternal


    All GIFs are from the film Baraka

    My post on permanence reminded me of this story I read back ages ago from Owning Your Own Shadow by Robert Johnson.
    All gifs are from the film, Baraka.

    Once upon a time, many moons ago in the middle of a tiny …

  5. Giulia

    Never Gonna GIF You UP


    Never gonna let you down…

    In a series of events that can only be described as a Rick Roll gone horribly wrong, my 13 year old is obsessed with Rick Astley. Which must be some kind of ultimate Rick Roll, I’m sure.

    For Christmas, she has requested an animated GIF …

  6. Giulia

    Permanence Lost


    Reading Chris Lott’s poetic comment about loss in response to Jim’s assertion that Nothing is Lost

    …there’s not only nothing wrong with writing one’s poem and sending it down the river on fire, it might be a significantly better way to transcend the technical issues and consider what it means …

  7. Giulia

    Open as in “for business”


    Featured Image “open for business” cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by @cogdog

    Whether you are outraged,  amused, or overwhelmed with ennui by the flurry of Instagram ToS sentiments, I agree with Gina Tripani:

    Deeply happy users are questioning/debating their favorite tools’ Terms of Service, demanding …

  8. Giulia

    Recording how to listen


    Do you wanna listen to DS106radio on your iPhone, iPod or iPad?

    I made this for you!

    how to set up FStream on your iDevice

    Here’s the short summary: type in –

    More information available at: http://networkeffects.ca

    Notes on DispRecorder

    I used a new (slightly expensive at $10) …

  9. Giulia

    How to listen


    This summer at UnPlug’d 12 I met a lot of cool people whom I’d never interacted with face to face nor online before. Once folks become a part of your network you find out a whole lot of really fascinating things about them.

    For example, Matt Henderson. GNA and I …

  10. Giulia

    Surreal Moments


    So I’m sitting here at Toronto International Pearson Airport en route to Vancouver for Northern Voice, grabbing a bite to eat. On the television, Germany beats the Netherlands in football. Passersby stop to watch momentarily.

    I’m not watching the soccer game, however, I am tuned into http://nmc12.umwblogs.org/ and the surreal …

  11. Giulia

    Casserole Ensemble


    Casseroles – Montréal

    Sunday’s Daily Create was to take a picture that shows motion. I decided to make it rather show a movement. I love the celebratory, non-violent movement of this ensemble featured in The Huffington post. I’ve included the embed of the video below. It’s quite moving. I …

  12. Giulia

    Trace that Face


    Today’s Daily Create is to FACE TRACE! I use this ALL THE TIME! So much that it’s worthy of a blog post.

    Daily Create Instructions: Use a photo of a face. Use a draw tool or your finger to draw all lines of the face on top of it. Delete …

  13. Giulia

    UMW Faculty Academy


    I had the honour to be invited to speak at University of Mary Washington’s 2012 Faculty Academy in Virginia. Andy Rush did an excellent job of recording the session.

    The thought of talking straight for an hour terrified me that I’d have a room full of sleeping people, so I …

  14. Giulia

    How We Measure


    I’m really enjoying @CathyNDavidson’s book Now We See It. I find the chapter on assessment, How We Measure quite fascinating. As the rhetoric around accountability heightens and everyone is coming out with solutions it’s more important than ever to look at the history of testing and grading.

  15. Giulia

    Ambient Sound Journey Behind the Falls


    If I did this assignment perfectly the images wouldn’t be necessary but hey, I brought my camera and the sound matches these pictures…

    Out of the elevator

    Down the tunnel

    Many languages of tourists

    Roar of the Falls

  16. Giulia

    Join in the brand


    Me and the gals learned to stop worrying and love the propaganda.

    Because we’re in DS106 now.

    This is an ANIMATED propaganda poster based on “We’re in the army now” retro poster. I used Photoshop and very crudely selected out the bits I wanted to erase, used the …

  17. Giulia

    Learning by Design: Sketchnoting in DS106


    Jim Groom invited me to present to his DS106 class yesterday. Unfortunately this week has been a challenge to do things in the evenings synchronously so I pre-recorded this video [7min]

    For those of you who can’t sit through 7 minutes of video, here’s a quick outline of the talk:…

ds106 in[SPIRE]