1. greyartist

    Networking Lab 7


    Objectives: To build a network and include subnets within it. To configure the router(s) so all of the terminals can be connected and utilize the subnets.

    Equipment list: Routers(3), crossover cable, cat5 cables, computers, downloaded a hyperterminal to configure the routers

     Notes and Observations: This proved to be a difficult …

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    Networking Lab 6


    Objectives: To use Apache to set up web servers and connect with other computers in the classroom and to alter the document root so the homepage for the server can be different from the default.

    Equipment list: Computer, apache software

    Notes and Observations: Downloaded Apache and installed. …

  3. greyartist

    Networking Lab 5

    Objectives: To capture packets using Wireshark and observe the different types of information the program presents depending on the activity being done while capturing.   Equipment list: laptop, wireshark program   Notes and Observations: This was hard to understand at first. It was interesting to see that TCP had sequence numbers and…
  4. greyartist

    Networking Blog 5


    This week I learned about a program called Wireshark. It captures internet packet activity and provides information about what is sent and received while it is operating. There are different pieces of information provided depending on what activity you are doing. I looked at information sent and received when viewing/accessing …

  5. greyartist

    Networking Lab 4


    Objectives: To configure a network of several computers using a switch, change the IP address of my workstation, and then to ping neighboring computers. Also, a goal was to configure a router.

     Equipment list: Switch, several workstations, router, UTP cables

     Notes and Observations: My group followed the lab and went …

  6. greyartist

    Lab 3 OSI Model


    Layer #

    Layer Name


    Keywords & Description of Function




     datagrams, software layer,
    network aware programs:
    FTP, HTTP, email




     datagrams, software layer,
    controls context between
    application layer and lower
    layers by using different
    syntax and symantics




     datagrams, controls the
    dialogue between …

  7. greyartist

    Networking Blog 2


    This week I learned how to create ethernet cable using cabling and connectors. I initially did the first connection wrong, but my second attempt was successful and I got both ends hooked up correctly. When I tested the cable it passed, and I was pleased with my work. Seeing this …

  8. greyartist

    Networking Blog 3


    This week I learned about the OSI model. I learned that there are seven layers within this model, what they are, and what each layer’s protocol data unit is. I find all of this confusing still, but I hope that over time it will become easier to understand. All the …

  9. greyartist

    Week 3

    I didn’t do as well this week as I did in the first 2. I’ve had some issues locating the blogs of my classmates and I ran short on time to complete everything I would have liked to. I’m finding it hard to keep up working 4-5 days a week…
  10. greyartist

    I am from…


    I am from…

    I am from children’s toys
    from musical instruments and Nintendo
    I am from the small house
    across from the playground
    I am from the dandelions
    The cottonwood tree
    whose long gone limbs I remember
    as if they were my own.

    I’m from movies on Christmas eve and …

  11. greyartist

    Week 1


    This week has been difficult. I am having to become familiar with several different websites that I previously haven’t explored. I’ve had to learn about blogging, which is something I’ve thought about but never done. I’m still struggling to figure everything out, and I’m trying to cope with feeling very …

  12. greyartist

    Black History Month Proposal


    I’ve found about 11-12 different African Americans who are linked to Kansas that would serve as subjects for the poster project.

    Hattie McDaniel (actress) Aaron Douglas (painter and graphic artist) Gwendolyn Brooks (poet) Janelle Monae (singer/songwriter) Charlie Parker (songwriter/saxophonist) Gordon Parks (photographer/director/songwriter/pianist/writer) Barry Sanders (football player) Gale Sayers (football player)…

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