1. @hawkins10000

    House Hawkins


    For my third assignment, I decided to do the Create a Game of Thrones House assignment from the visual assignments. Game of Thrones is definitely one of my favorite shows (PS – all of your fan theories are probably wrong), and as a huge nerd for medieval history this assignment …

  2. @hawkins10000

    Alexander’s March, or, How to Break a FitBit


    For my second assignment, I decided to do the Google History Maps Web Assignment. Here I’ve created a rough map of the path of Alexander the Great using Google Maps’ MyMaps tool. The MyMaps tool doesn’t give an HTML code or a file to embed, so I’ve included the following …

  3. @hawkins10000

    The First “Problem”


    The first assignment I decided to do for the course was the “Subtitle GIF” assignment. I’ve seen tons of subtitled GIFs on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, pretty much everywhere. Some of them are good, some of them aren’t. The first thought I had when I saw this particular assignment was, “Oh, …

  4. @hawkins10000

    Week One Summary


    So far, I’m liking this course. I’ve taken more traditional types of classes (I’m a History major), so this is going to be interesting. Nothing has seemed very hard yet, especially since most of my classes have to some degree incorporated social media, blogs, etc. There were a couple of …

  5. @hawkins10000

    Mission 106


    I am a pretty big fan of the spy genre (although probably not as much as some people), so I’m pretty excited so far for this class. (Side note: I love movies, art, and books, so I’ll be referencing those a lot in my posts I’m sure). I’m not really …

  6. @hawkins10000

    Show Your Work


    Austin Kleon’s lessons from his book Show Your Work really refreshed me on some things that will be helpful to me in this class and in my personal life. I’m still getting a feel for what this class will be, so his tips will hopefully help when coming up with …

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