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    Stress Relieving Tips for Nurses


    Studies show that 83%of workers in the United States have experienced work-related stress. If you are a nurse then you probably understand this first hand. Although achieving a nursing career is such a great win, we admit that at times burnout is common hence the need for stress relieving tips …

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    Nurse Burnout


    Nurse Burnout

    There is no denying the fact that nursing is a highly rewarding career. However, nurse burnout is quite common regardless of your field. One of the leading causes of nurse burnout is prolonged and frequent shifts, understaffing, and high workload. This gets even tougher if you are required …

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    Who is a Clinical Psychologist


    Everyone has days when they don’t feel like themselves. This is considered normal since these feelings do not last long and usually disappear by themselves. However, this is not the case for everybody. For some, these feelings are persistent and could easily be an indicator of a major mental problem. …

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    Nursing Career and Education


    One of the most sought after careers is nursing. The perks associated with this prestigious career are definitely worth it for people who are ambitious. Before you settling for a career in nursing, it is highly advisable that you explore all there is in matters nursing career and education. If …

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    Duties of a Registered Nurse


    Professional success is achieved when a nursing students earns the ‘registered nurse’ title. However, just like any other esteemed position, the duties of a registered nurse are demanding. It is therefore advisable that you understand what is expected of registered nurses.

    (a)    Assess the condition of the patients

    (b)   Record …

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    What Do Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses Do


    Psychiatric mental health is one of the most popular specialties in nursing but the big question is What Do Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses Do? In this field, the registered nurses work closely with the individuals, groups, families and even communities in assessing the patients’ mental health needs. Psychiatric mental health …

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    Why is Diversity in Nursing Important


    Many nursing students wonder why diversity is so important in nursing hence all the more reason to shed light on it. Through diversity, nurses are handed the opportunity to deliver quality health care to their patients. Diversity comes in all forms; disability, race, age, veteran status, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual …

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    Registered Nurse Salaries

    Average Registered Nurse Salaries in the United States

    How much do registered nurses earn? This is a common question that nursing students often find themselves thinking about. Well, registered nurses receive a median annual wage of $68, 450. The term median wage means that half of the workers in an …

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    Types of Registered Nurses


    Nursing has a lot of perks but one of the best things about it is that you can work where you are most comfortable. Answering your call for nursing will direct you to where your passion is needed the most. IN this case, it is highly advisable that you familiarize …

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