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    Learning 2.011 Presentation


    Originally, I had wanted to write a brief blurb to accompany the presentation I gave at Learning 2.011, but time and crazy preparations have made that difficult. For now, I have included the slides and the brief write up I asked each participant to write, below in this post.…

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    Open Canvas


    Hello Ds106ers and the rest of ya too! It has been a while since my Bava Light has been burning at full capacity, but never mind all that- I am here to say that I am back! At least I hope so, I got lost a bit in the shuffle …

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    Minimalist Movie Poster


    Description: Create a minimalistic poster for a  film, TV series, etc. Look at these awesome examples using the various locations in the original Star Wars trilogy.

    McMurphy: Which one of you nuts has got any guts?

    McMurphy: I can’t take it no more. I gotta get outta here.
    Chief Bromden: …

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    Written In Tunes


    I just finished clearing out my RSS feed, left a few comments, and feel a general sense of “being caught up.” Not quite sure what to do next, I decided to quickly try out a random assignment from #ds106. It looks like this:

    Write a sentence (preferably somewhat coherent, yet …

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    Vulnerable- Stones of Stones


    When you begin to share, really share and mix and blend and mash it all up, you begin to loose the thread. It becomes difficult to remember how everything is connected. Who owns what? Who created which piece of the tapestry becomes less and less important. It is at this …

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    Sometimes it’s the simplest stories that have the most meaningful impact. I outlined the fledging collaborative project that has begun with some SLA students in Zach Chase’s class in Philadelphia in the letter I wrote them.  A look at the comments could prove useful for context of this post. As …

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    Mired In The Age


    To the Students of Zachary Chase in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, (Or any other class whose teacher came across this post and wants to participate.)

    A few days ago I shared, on my blog, the fact that I had finished the first month of a yearlong project in which I would …

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    Of Course


    Last week, despite the fact that I am juggling way too many personal art projects right now, I decided to push the envelope a bit more. I asked people on Twitter and friends on Facebook to send me requests for songs to cover. I mentioned that I would try to …

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    I haven’t talked much about my time in Africa on this blog, but just yesterday a friend and former Peace Corps volunteer asked if I could share some pictures, so I dug a few out, finally posted them on Flickr and added some short descriptions. You can watch the slideshow …

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    We Are Echoes and Refections


    Whenever I speak with people about openness and sharing, I feel the need to preface my philosophy by saying, “Well not everyone will feel comfortable sharing as much as I do.”  It is almost as if I am doing something wrong, and to be honest I am not sure if …

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    The Voice We Hear


    Assignment #3 for #ds106 crept up on me, so much so I almost missed it. I will keep the text short and get to the actually product? Assessment? Art? Whatever we are calling it for this course. I think someone was calling it “awesome sauce.”

    Part A: Readings

    Tim O’Reilly’s…
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    Keep The Flow Going


    My mind is on fire. I am in the flow. I can’t stop thinking. My body tingles with learning. I am awash in artistic and intellectual juices. A bit much? Sure, but I am loving this feeling. I am drunk with the excitement generated by my mind and its connection …

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    I am a highlighter. Unfortunately I don’t mean the Evernote, Diigo kind, but the old school grab a book and highlight passages, words, imagery that I think may somehow be useful to me later on. So as I started reading blog posts for #ds106, I was wondering what I would …

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    Intro to ds#106


    The day has finally come. Jim Groom’s ds#106 class has officially begun. You can read this for details of this first week, but if you are reading this you are most likely a member of the class. Curious how you introduce yourself to hundreds? of people, but we will see …

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    Can’t Stop


    I am a bit obsessive. Can you tell? I haven’t been able to stop thinking about animated .gifs since my initial foray last night. Armed with a new tool, I ventured back to try and fine tune my newly acquired skills. Thanks to this great new tool, Squared 5 from …

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    What About You Dad?


    I know this blog has traditionally been used to document my teaching, but starting tonight I want to also use it to document my learning.  Tonight, for the better part of the night I learned how to create an animated .gif. After seeing several great examples on DS106 blog, …

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