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  1. Palaver


    This is my final assignment for DS106. The assignment was to come up with an ad campaign for DS106. I started with my own feelings about DS106. I came into the class thinking that maybe I was too old to be involved with the web. But as I worked on projects and began to see ...
  2. Palaver

    The Krazy Kat Thing: Love Hurts

    This is my video project for ds106– My first video ever!  It’s a video essay that links a vintage cartoon, Krazy Kat, with footage of Billie Holiday singing My Man. The beautiful voice singing Good For Nothing Joe belongs to Lena Horne.  My video explores the themes of self-esteem and love and the messages projected ...
  3. Palaver

    This American Life: Godless America

    This American Life‘s “Godless America” examines the tension between the idea of America as Christian country and the idea of America as a place where one’s religion plays no role in governance.  It examines the rise in influence of the Christian Right and their contention that the Founding Father’s intended America.  This group complains that ...
  4. Palaver

    This American Life: Switched At Birth

    This This American Life segment was about two families linked by the inadvertent switching of their babies at birth.  Although the switch was more than suspected by one of the mother’s involved, the entire truth did not surface until 43 years had passed.  I found the story compelling on many levels.  One thing that caught ...
  5. Palaver

    This American Life: Recordings For Someone

    At the risk of sounding like Forrest Gump, NPR’s This American Life series always reminds me of a box of chocolates. It’s hard to imagine that stories so different in tone, texture and meaning can be united under one theme. Kinda like lifting the lid on that box of chocolates and finding pieces containing caramel ...
  6. Palaver


    I can’t remember when I have had so much fun in a class.  It’s inexplicable, really, given how slow I am at all of this technology business.  It is such a struggle.  Yet, when I finally get something right, the reward is tremendous.  There is so much one can do with these storytelling tools. I ...
  7. Palaver

    Sound Story: Ding Dong Dell…

    When I was a little girl, I lived for awhile on a small island in the Caribbean.  My sister and I had a cat named Tee Tee.  One night Tee Tee was gone from the house.  We could hear her bawling outside, but no amount of calling made her come inside.  Finally, we discovered that ...
  8. Palaver

    Daily Shoot: Dominated by Blue

    This is my submission for a photo dominated by blue.  It is another painting from my collection done by BVI artist Joseph Hodge.  I really like the brush work– kind of Van Gogh-esque.
  9. Palaver

    Daily Shoot: Horizontal Lines

    As you can see, I am running behind with my daily shoot assignments.  This is an example of nakshi kantha embroidery done by Bangladeshi artist Suraiya Rahman.  I guess it might just as easily served as an image for the “dominated by blue” theme, but I am using it for the “horizontal” shoot.  I really ...
  10. Palaver


    Not an everyday item, true, but this painting is what came to mind when I started to think about manipulating color schemes for the ds106 exercise.  Cockfight is an original painting by BVI artist Joseph Hodge. The first frame is the original version of Cockfight.  I used picnic in Flickr to create the blue and ...
  11. Palaver

    UMW Marketing Poster

      This is my contribution to Darrell & Sons’ ad campaign for University of Mary Washington.  I chose the image of a “crazy quilt” because although the pieces come in many colors and patterns and are irregularly shaped, they all join to make one beautiful fabric.  The design is intended to indicate UMW’s commitment to ...
  12. Palaver

    A Happy Marriage

    Here is my Little Caption exercise.  The photo was taken from my deck. The Ann Landers quote reads in its entirety, “Sensual pleasures have the fleeting brilliance of a comet; a happy marriage has the tranquility of a lovely sunset.”
  13. Palaver

    Stranger Project: Cute Kid With Cats

    Meet Simba, Tom and Tink.  Simba is looking for a new home for Tom and Tink because she is allergic to cat hair.  There is a nice lady across the street who LOVES cats.  Sounds like a happy ending is in the making.
  14. Palaver

    You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught

    This American Life’s segment on The Cruelty of Children was troubling, but ultimately hopeful.  All of the stories had to do with power–who has it, how it is used, and how it is accommodated.  David Sedaris’ story about making fun of “sissy boys” although he himself was one, illustrates a common phenomenon. People often try to ...
  15. Palaver

    This American Life: #1 Party School

    I listened to this story end to end and tried my best to understand the cultural phenomenon of college binge drinking.  I realize that I am a returning student and far away from the usual undergraduate college age, but even when I think back to my first college experience in my early twenties, I don’t ...
  16. Palaver

    May 21, 2011

    Five Card Story: MAY 21, 2011 a Five Card Flickr story created by janeann flickr photo by krutscjo flickr photo by lesliemb flickr photo by bionicteaching flickr photo by bionicteaching flickr photo by lesliemb Everyone in town knew that today would be the day. The wild animals knew that something was coming, but what? In ...
  17. Palaver

    Week Two Choices

    One of our weekend DS106 assignments was to look through the visual and design assignments and choose four that we would like to work on in the coming week.  Here are my selections: Common Everyday Object: This assignment asks that I take a picture of a common everyday object and manipulate the colors.  I thought ...
  18. Palaver

    Thursday’s Child

    I left class on Thursday feeling overwhelmed and not a little sorry for myself.  I am drowning in information–new ideas, new language, new equipment, new skills…  It does not help to look around and notice that no one else in the class is hyperventilating or straining to read the instructors lips in an effort to understand what is ...
  19. Palaver

    Every Day I Learn At Least One Thing!

    Okay, so now I am making my way around the Word Press Dashboard. I have installed a plugin that should tell everybody who cares to know when a new post is uploaded.  So, this is actually a test run. Here goes!
  20. Palaver

    Maiden Voyage

    This is my first entry on a blog. Ever.  I am a new participant in DS106 and am looking forward to learning whatever I can about Digital Storytelling.  It seems odd, as I am a very low tech person.  I read books, write letters, listen to CDs and still own a rotary phone.  I have ...

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