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    Stepping Up your Writing


    I have been leaving several comments on people’s blogs about the content of their blogpost.  Think about the following when creating media 

    What is the story it tells? What does it mean to you? to society? to other media? Why did you even make it?

    Think of this part as …

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    I love going out and trying new and sometimes old things. Last year I went whitewater rafting wth my daughters Elizabeth and Brianna at the Middle Youghiogheny in Ohiopyle. We paddle our raft along the 11 mile, scenic Middle Youghiogheny and through 10 playful rapids and jumped in several times.…

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    Week 2

    body{ font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:13px; } .info, .success, .warning, .white, .validation { border: 0px solid; margin: 1px 1px; padding:3px 3px 3px 3px; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: 1px center; } .info { color: #00529B; background-color: #BDE5F8; background-image: url('info.png'); } .success { color: #4F8A10; background-color: #DFF2BF; background-image:url('success.png'); } .white { color: #00000; background-color:…
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    1000 Mile (or 1609.344 Kilometer) Stare


    My cousin Billy only lives 311 miles away but that is 1000 miles to me. I wish he knew how much I loved him, I tell him but he tends not to believe me and so I look at this picture and I feel as though he is staring off …

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    First Weekly Summary 8/31 by Midnight


    This will be your first weekly summary, and I will use it to assess your progress in ds106! The summary is due by midnight (11:59 PM) on the Sunday at the end of the week (8/31).  READ THE ENTIRE MESSAGE

    In this post, you should cover and include the following:…

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    Week 1 Introduction/Setup 8/25



    Week 1 Introduction/Setup 8/25
    all work is due midnight August 31, 2014
    The first week is dedicated to getting setup for ds106; install your WordPress site and create other social media accounts such as Twitter, Flickr, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc. Complete Introductions via posts, twitter, Flickr, video, audio, etc.
    Open …

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    Fall CPSC/DS 106 How to Start!

    Below are some guidelines for choosing a domain, setting up your domain and navigating your web hosting. After that there is a tutorial for installing your own WordPress blog. If you already have a domain through UMW Domains, skip #1, the choosing a domain and setting up your UMW Domains…

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