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  1. jasongreen

    DS106 Instructional Redesign

    I got the idea to reformat DS106 assignment instructions. Here are the audio assignment instructions  in alliterative verse. Listen here (Source Material) It occurs to me that I maybe should explain how this came to be.  I’m in the midst of reading Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings to my oldest child, and we got to […]
  2. jasongreen

    Minimalist Movie Travel Poster

    Inspired by Colin’s Mount Doom poster, I chose another Lord of the Rings location.  I’m now doing extra work , just to show how addictive ds106 is.  Since nobody had trouble with my four icon challenge, I’ll give no further clues an...
  3. jasongreen

    A Digital Hommage to Hemingway

    I saw Jessica Masulli’s Flickr inspired minimalistic storytelling, and was reminded of another famous example of narrative distillation. I’m sure everyone will get the reference. Image 1 (flickr user thinkpanama CC-BY-NC) Image 2 (flickr ...
  4. jasongreen

    Two recommended reads from Jon Udell

    Today, Jon Udell published Seven Ways to Think Like the Web.  He offers principles for cyberpresence.  The list was nice enough, but one referred to post really caught my eye. Called “Hosted Lifebits“, the post, presents a hypothetical us...
  5. jasongreen

    Three Random Thoughts on Web 2.0

    Tim O’Reilly mentions the question of who owns the data on which Web 2.0 runs. This, written in 2005, now seems prescient. That said,  there is the undercurrent of monetization.  O’Reilly makes money off of Web 2.0 by selling books and organizing conferences and has on his radar the question of how others will seek ...
  6. jasongreen

    Cyberinfrastructure and FERPA

    I noticed a FERPA question circulating on my twitter feed this morning. For non US readers, FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) is the US national law covering how higher education institutions must conduct themselves with regards to student records. There’s a dizzying list of rules and exceptions as to what the institution may ...
  7. jasongreen

    Maybe Bon Stewart was right

    D’Arcy Norman puts on his Devil’s Advocate hat to remind us that it’s about the learning. I’m hoping D’Arcy will lend me the key to his lead Devil’s Advocate hat box, because here I go.  I’ll try to be good and leave it under the front mat when I’m done D’Arcy writes, “Society doesn’t need ...
  8. jasongreen

    The Small World of DS106

    Jim told us to experiment with our cyberinfrastructure.  Since I’m still freeloading on (see my last post) I thought I might at least look at a new theme.  I figured the best place to start would be to look at my current theme.  When I did, I saw the attribution on the header image ...
  9. jasongreen

    DS106 Introduction

    Unfortunately, the interesting story of the moment doesn’t lend itself to nice visuals.  Sometime last night, my furnace decided it was getting dangerously hot and shut itself off. When it cools, a switch is supposed to close and turn the furnace back on, but said switch picked the wee hours of the morning to travel ...
  10. jasongreen

    Behind The Scenes: Autotuning Gardner Campbell

    Here’s the first of what I imagine will be a series of posts about process. 1. Grab Tom Woodward’s remix, import into Audacity, and trim the three seconds from the end that I wanted.               2.  Slow down Gardner’s rapid fire delivery with the change tempo effect. Since I ...

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