1. Jess McCulloch

    The Year of Very Little TV


    Harry Cunningham will still be on my list of things to watch. I mean Silent Witness. Even when the story lines get a bit too much about the pathologists private lives and then getting way more involved in a police investigation that I can believe they do in real life, …

  2. Jess McCulloch

    Wouldn’t It Be Nice If…


    …we had more space for all these animals we seem to keep collecting?

    Yeah, maybe one day.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if….
    …we didn’t have to look out the windows to see 8 foot high fences?
    Yeah, that would be good. One day.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if….
    …we lived …

  3. Jess McCulloch

    Technology Does Not Fit


    Another poem written as a reward for a donation to my GoFundMe Campaign to get to #unplgud12. This one is for Jarrod Robinson who wanted a poem that could be a discussion starter for teachers in technology workshops. Jarrod, I hope this starts some conversations for you! Thank you for …

  4. Jess McCulloch

    Why I Like The Daily Create #2 – Audio


    I dare you to….. LISTEN!

    That’s it, just listen. Closely, dammit, shut up! Just listen.

    What do you hear?

    Have you heard it before? REALLY? I mean, have you really heard it before?

    Audio is special. I reckon. I’m not sure it gets enough currency in what we do today. …

  5. Jess McCulloch

    Why I Like The Daily Create #1 – Photos


    I dare you to …. see things differently…

    Well, right, it’s like this – you know, you get into a community and you say you’re gonna do all this stuff, and you have, like, the best of intentions and then it falls…..away….

    Not so here!

    There is this community called, …

  6. Jess McCulloch

    A Very Social Melbourne


    I’m discovering so many cool new things that are happening in Melbourne this year, and I will be attending one of them as many Friday mornings as I can.

    Very early.

    In the city, which is quite a significant distance from my place, which means

    Getting up very very early, …

  7. Jess McCulloch

    Making Stories Into Learning Adventures


    I dare you to… think outside the classroom box

    The thing that is really getting me excited at the moment is the idea of creating games-based, cross media learning adventure experiences that, while possibly adaptable for a traditional classroom, would really be focussed on kids to experience outside of a …

  8. Jess McCulloch

    #ds106 – Am I Out Of My Depth?!







    I can tell that this damn #ds106 thing is going to –

    Most definitely challenge my technology skills – bloody animated gifs! Now I’ll have to learn how to make them. Plus a whole host of other arty stuff that I’ve never done before.…
  9. Jess McCulloch

    An Occasion Of Excess


    I dare you to exceed…

    “Excess on occasion is exhilarating. It prevents moderation from acquiring the deadening effect of habit.” W. Somerset Maugham

    Do I have a habit of moderation that I could change to an occasion of excess? Hmm, how could a bout of excessiveness help to move something …

  10. Jess McCulloch

    Construction Begins


    I dare you to… construct something new.

    So that is what I will do.


    Well, you see, it is so that sometimes the old is no longer where we fit. Interests change, definitions change. It’s not at all that the old is totally left behind and ignored. It was …

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