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    NoirCat has been found!


    After intercepting an interesting video chat between NoirCat and Daphne we knew NoirCat was on the run again…

    And then there was this interesting call between Monica and one of our assistants…

    They were talking about the NoirCat short-lived experience as a Healing Cat!

    Spence had to put out this …

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    Weekday Update


    Okay… so here is the deal HoN Getaways did help NoirCat disappear after a message we received on March 27, 2015.

    We planned for the disappearance to occur on April 1st. Maggie Black’s birthday. The reasoning we received was because of problems between Black and NoirCat. Apparently Maggie was stealing …

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    Noir Cat Sighting


    Soooo maybe we helped NoirCat disappear or maybe we didn’t… that is not the point the point is that I, Melody Bay, have found a new sighting of our “lost” cat from my HoN Getaways accomplices.

    Sure its not the best quality but it is better than the empty pictures …

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    Daily Creates for Week 11


    Who does’t love stretching their creative mind to create better more spontaneous art?

    Here is the art I created this week…

    This is my Kindle Cover disaster.. I would never read this book because it looks cheesy, but I am willing to bet there is someone out there who would……

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    Week 10


    House of Noir- Find Your Noir Lover has been released and I cannot say I am thrilled with the results.

    They(Being the crew (Mariam, Janelle, and Janaye)) made me dress “happier” and took away my red lipstick. I was very uncomfortable and on the defensive. You can see it all …

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    Me Being Creative


    I created this 15 second batman, not my best work but honestly who cares about batman?!

    I was asked to create an inspirational quote and background. This is what I made. It is no secret that my family life is nowhere near normal, but the people I choose to let …

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    My interview with Burtis


    Sooo, the ds106 professors are very adamant that I meet with at least one of them for an interview.. I stopped by Burtis’ office while I was passing through and she was sitting there waiting. Very ominous, but our interview went well… mostly..


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    Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious


    Learning how to read a movie proved to be more fun than I expected, but noir films are still not my preferred genre!

    After reading Roger Ebert’s article I feel as though I will be more inclined to watch the arrangement of scenes and how characters are placed! I also …

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    House of Noir is BACK.


    The cast of House of Noir is reconvening to create a TV show like nothing you have ever seen before. This trailer is focused on the story line of Melody Bay. Tune in March 29,2015 to see the pilot and the stories of Jeff, Spence, Sebastian, and Melody unfold.

    Our …

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    Daily Creates


    My blurry picture staring myself entitled Whose that Girl?

    My poem about rain entitled Go Away

    Sinking deep into my bed

    Covers wrapped around my head

    Today’s a day to waste away

    Tomorrow I will raise and play

    For rain is not my forte…

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    Radio Listen to Noir Buzz


    This group had the challenge of overcoming being a two person group. Knowing that the groups were supposed to larger I can imagine that these girls had to overcome some group drama to create this radio show, so props for producing a show despite the stress you’ve must of felt!…

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