1. @joskamtav

    Week FIVE! We survived!


    I am not sure if this weekly summary is suppose to be like the other’s but here’s what I thought of this week… I found the most challenging aspect of this week to be the brainstorming of the story that I would tell. Since most of the media forms have …

  2. @joskamtav

    How I Made My Short Story


    To make this story I used a variety of media outlets. Audio, Visual, Video, and Design were among the media outlets used for this story. As you may have felt, this story is slightly depressing haha but don’t be fool the making of this was full of laughs. It is …

  3. @joskamtav

    When Pet Friends Become Food


    9 year-old Isabella LOVES and ADORES her chickens. They aren’t just her pets, they are her very best friends! Every afternoon, Isabella goes outside to talk and play with her chickens. There isn’t anything in this world that makes Isabella happier than her pet chickens do. Look at that smile! …

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    Week 4… One week left !!


    I enjoyed this week, as I mentioned in a previous blog post… I have often made commentary to myself while watching movies about the effects used. This weeks lesson gave those prior “effects” meaning and names. I learned about all of the different techniques that go into making a film. …

  5. @joskamtav

    Send a message back in time


    These are the steps I took to make the video “letter” to my sixteen year old self.

    I first used Photo Booth on my iMac to record my video. In Photo Booth I used the comic book filter (that’s my favorite). I then opened up iMovie to begin editing.

    I …

  6. @joskamtav

    A video letter to my sixteen year old self


    Have you ever thought about what you would do differently in life if you had the chance to go back? I know I have… I luckily came across this video assignment which allowed me the opportunity to do just that. The assignment required that I do a video letter to …

  7. @joskamtav

    Separating your senses can give a new perspective


    The Pursuit of Happyness is a movie I’ve seen quite a few times, for this reason I decided to choose a scene from it for this assignment. I wanted to see how I would interpret the movie after learning about all of these techniques and effects. I was curious to …

  8. @joskamtav

    You want me to READ a MOVIE ?!


    I had never directly thought about reading a movie… not intentionally anyway. In the past I have found myself to critique angles or lighting used but never to pay them too much mind. Sort of like a quick mental note to myself. From reading Roger Ebert’s How to read a …

  9. @joskamtav

    How to make your own sign language video


    I’ve used iMovie in the past, maybe about 4 years ago. When I opened the application it was as if I’ve never used it… I was completely lost. After a few hours of playing around with it I finally semi figured it out. Here’s how I did it… Hopefully this …

  10. @joskamtav

    ….but I don’t even know sign language


    I have always wanted to learn sign language. At one point in life I was even trying to teach myself. The only sign I’ve managed to remember is the sign for bullish**… go figure haha. When I came across this video assignment I automatically knew I would give it a …

  11. @joskamtav

    Create A Good Morning Message


    If your a slightly shy person like myself I suggest you give this audio assignment a shot. Here’s the steps I took to create this.

    First I began by going to YouTube to look for some background music. I simply typed in “up beat music instrumentals”. I listened to a …

  12. @joskamtav

    Good Morning UMW!


    OK! So this assignment, though somewhat easy, was out of my league. The audio assignment was to create a “bright and cheery” good morning message for your community. I am a slightly shy person, so public good morning messages to an entire community isn’t something I’d normally do…which is why …

  13. @joskamtav

    Cachamba! Find out what it means to me.


    I came across this audio assignment after searching through a couple pages. This one stuck out to me because it required that I upload the video to a song and a short audio clip of why I like it and what the song means to me. A song automatically popped …

  14. @joskamtav

    Did they effectively get away with it ?


    So for this weeks listening to stories assignment, I decided to listen to Getting Away With It from This American Life. I chose this mainly because I am a fan of the show I Almost Got Away With It, so I figured this segment should contain some pretty interesting stories. …

  15. @joskamtav

    WEEK THREE! Almost at the finish line!


    Week three! Thank God we’re halfway there… I can’t lie this has been a pretty rough week for me. Determined to graduate on time, I am currently taking four classes this summer term. I know! Crazy! Lately I’ve managed to keep my head above water but this week has greatly …

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    Week 2 down !


    Week two down! Woohoo! I feel like I’m finally starting to get the hang of this class. No I will not say I’m a pro, but this week didn’t stress me out as bad. I am definitely enjoying making all of these designs! The gif’s were probably my favorite this …

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    DesignBlitz: What I gained from it…


    Minimalism & Use of Space: These are two of my favorite poetry books. When I read the piece on minimalism, I instantly thought of the cover of them. I feel like the author really captures the essence of minimalism. The first book is about overcoming heart break. I think that …

  18. @joskamtav

    Taking advice from The Vignelli Canon


    I found the booklet by Vignelli to be very informative and helpful. In the begging he brings up the term semantics, I had never heard of this term before. I found the term to be interesting because when I look at designs, I don’t necessarily think to understand all aspects …

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