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  1. Jenna Petrucelli


    I think my strongest project was definitely the radio show I did with Timmy. We were so psyched about our idea and I think with the time given and the limited exposure we had working with audacity, we pulled it off and it exceeded our expectations. It was really cool to be on the radio, ...
  2. Jenna Petrucelli

    The Big G and The Little J

    There are several statements in this that I feel are narrow minded and irrational. Growing up in a fairly religious household, the opinion of my conservative grandparents made a stronger impression on me than I realized, now that I am in the position to take a standpoint on the issue of faith and God. It ...
  3. Jenna Petrucelli

    suprise! you’re whole life is a lie?…

    I was getting so frustrated listening to this. First off, the parents are horrible for keeping that a secret. Fine they wanted to protect their child, but in the long run its causing more psychological and emotional distress having been lied to for so long. At the least, why wouldn’t the Millers attempt to be ...
  4. Jenna Petrucelli

    house for sale!

    So I’ve been living in my current house in Cranbury since I was 13, however the house I grew up in, just down the street from where I currently reside, is for sale by my family. So I found the realtor page for it, and modified all the details about the house…supposed to be funny…hope ...
  5. Jenna Petrucelli


    What really struck me about this episode was all the talk about war. I was really suprised that the person being interviewed was as open as he was talking about the war, as many veterans close that experience of their lives off, and are uncomfortable talking about it as it brings up to many bad ...
  6. Jenna Petrucelli

    dog days of summer

    Me and Timmy are working together. After careful thought and consideration, we’ve decided to do…. interviews with people who had an experience with a dog…on a really hot day…during the dog days of summer…its going to be really good. STAY TUNED (pun intended)
  7. Jenna Petrucelli

    Laughter as a Cure

    Act One hit me really hard listening to this episode of TAL. Although there was humor involved, there’s a deeper sense of pain taking place in his life. However although I empathize with his sadness, I can’t help but feel relieved for him at the same time. There are so many people out there, of ...

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