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    Gossip Girl


    Hello Upper East Sider’s I hope you enjoyed your summer. I certainly needed the break from snooping. I did a lot of traveling over break and as always made myself a playlist for the long car trips. I know that you are all curious about what Gossip Girl listens to …

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    Summary of My Two Assignments


    For my first assignment, I choose to do an audio assignment. The blog and tutorial can be found on this blog page with the tutorial. 

    Music Tag

    One of my favorite type of assignments is audio!  Lyrics and songs are great ways to tell stories. Have you notice similar themes …

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    My Assignment 1: Music Tag


    Music Tag

    One of my favorite type of assignments is audio!  Lyrics and songs are great ways to tell stories. Have you notice similar themes extend genres… lyrics overlapping. Your task is to create a story by using audio snippets from songs. The trick is you have to have the …

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    My Assingment 2: Music Video


    Music Video

    I love video and audio, so I combined these two mediums in video form. The goal was to create a Music Video using clips from a movie. Music videos are musics companion in telling stories. I personally perfer music videos becasue I can visualize the lyrics better. For …

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    Originally, I watched the “Everything is a Remix” video and, then, I watched the “A Fair (y) Use Tale“. However, I think that watching the “Fair(y) Use Tale” should be watch before the other video.  The “Fair(y) Use Tale” is excellent at laying out the basic rules of …

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    Recycling Media


    Recycle The Media

    My story is that you are sitting down to show slideshows to family, just memories that you want to share. You show pictures of your family, home, school, friends, etc. You tell a story with the pictures. How, as a father, you remember taking your daughter fishing. …

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    Hunting Bambi ***


    Mash-Up Those Movies ***

    I took the two original movie posters and mashed them up, in order to create a new story. My movie is about the hunting of Bambi’s mother, a untold story until now! I used Paint to cut and paste the Bambi into the Hunting White-Tail Deer …

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    Final Project Plan


    For my final project I want to explore the world of “Gossip Girl“, a CW show. I plan on creating

    Web: edit a sight into the “Gossip Girl” website, which is used by the character in the show to keep up with eachother’s dirty little secrets Audio: I…
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    Week 11/ 12


    I did 23 stars worth of video assignments or really 19 stars!

    Side Note: However, for 4 stars I did not do a post because I had some major issues embedding (Vernacular Video). I have linked it below if you are interested in watching, but it was an extra assignment …

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    Redub a Movie***


    Redub a Movie***

    I really enjoy these Old Spice commercials; I think they are extremely funny. Part of what makes them funny is they are bizarre. They don’t have the standard this is my product, they have a story. So I wondered, if this commercial didn’t have any sound, what …

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    Week 10


    This week was all about reviving up for video editing. First, I would like to say the tools I currently have at my disposable is Window Movie Maker and MPEG Streamclip  I will add more as they become pertinent. However, I do not experience with Windows Movie Maker. I have …

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    Preparing for Video Editing


    Return to the Silent Era

    Marcey’s Mean Girls: I thought it was good, but I really wish the music was a little faster. It felt like the pictures were at hyper-speed. The antiquing of the screen in the brown, the film strip shots were very cool. There was no word …

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    Week 10: Daily Creates


    Above is a representation of “how old I feel”. I am a kid at heart, I often act like I’m four but only when the no one is around..hahaha. I still get ice cream all over my face, cotton candy sometimes makes a good breakfast, and taking naps is encouraged, …

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    Looking Deeper Into “Good Will Hunting”


    Fun Facts from WIKIPEDIA

    The movie staring Matt Damon, Robin Williams  and Ben Affleck was actually written by Damon and Affleck. It was originally suppose to be a Thriller  It was filmed in location, Greater Boston area “The therapy scene took everyone by surprise. According to Damon’s commentary in the…
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    Movie Editing Thoughts


    How to Read Movie

    I appreciate that Ebert emphasis that it one doesn’t have to be well versed in movie speak to be able to analyze screen shots. I believe movie reading is much like design elements, you use them every day, you understand them, but you have never put …

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    Week 9


    This week was confusing with web editing. I was really intimidated with this week, the idea of altering code was daunting. However, this week wasn’t hard at all. I actually enjoyed being able to edit websites and I learned some great activities that I plan on using as a soon-to-be …

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    Week 9 Daily Create Story


    Hello, my name is Kola. I am one year old and I love to run around and play. I have so much energy and my owner calls me “his little lion”.  The other day, I curled up on the couch with my owner… he so nice and cuddly. He was …

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