1. kevin boilard

    Emily Dickinson: Comedy Version!


    Okay, so everyone knows that Emily Dickinson’s poems are all rather dark, dismal, and depressing. After reading Chris Randles’ Overly-Dramatic Reading assignment posted under Audio assignments, I had the idea to read Emily Dickinson’s “There’s Been A Death In The Opposite House”. My goal was to read it while laughing …

  2. kevin boilard



    Dear future 106er:

    Welcome to ds106, prepare yourself for one hell of a ride. I took this class online rather than face-to-face so I would assume my letter applies more to the former than the latter. Well, if you are taking this online I strongly suggest you manage your time …

  3. kevin boilard

    Fandom Assignment


    I used to love the Ziggy cartoons in the sunday paper every week. I decided to find some Ziggy cartoons in google images and i found a couple that I would be able to change the dialogue. One of which I was even able to relate to ds106. Enjoy!!

  4. kevin boilard




    Check it out I hope you enjoy!




    Wake up kids it’s time for your classes

    Hop outta bed and put on your glasses

    but don’t leave your room because the fact is

    ds106 is fantastic

    VERSE 1

    listen girls and boys

    I’m about …

  5. kevin boilard

    El Mashup


    Alright so I finished my mashup a little early. This turned out way better than I expected it to sound when I originally did it so i hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

    I tried to make a single song pulling from two completely opposite sides …

  6. kevin boilard

    Final Project Update #3


    Lyrics are complete! the song looks to be about 2:45. I’m working on memorizing the words so it doesn’t sound like i’m reading them off. i tweaked the instrumental a bit. expect for the final ds106rap to be recorded and uploaded by the end of the week!…

  7. kevin boilard

    My Favorite Mashup


    Well, if you’ve gone to a college party lately then you’ve probably heard dubstep before. For those of you who don’t know what dubstep is, it’s an emerging genre of electronic dance music that originated in London. It usually has a wobbly bass and minimal vocals. In my opinion, it’s …

  8. kevin boilard

    Final Project Update #2


    To keep everyone updated on my final project (and the much anticipated) DS106RAP I thought i’d let everyone know how the progress of the song is coming along. As of right now I have completed the instrumentals. To answer Jim Groom’s question (and if anyone else was wondering) I am …

  9. kevin boilard

    Remixes and Mashups


    After reading Melanie Mcbride’s post about remixes I’m still not completely sold on them. I do agree with her that they take a lot of time and hard work to create. They also require a great deal of skill and knowledge of how to create a remix so in that …

  10. kevin boilard

    Final Project Update #1


    I picked out a loop that i want to use for the beat of my rap that i’m doing for my final project. i used two different beats so far (one for the chorus and one for the verses) and i may add another one for a bridge if i …

  11. kevin boilard

    ds106 Final Project


    ok, so i’ve been doing quite a bit of brainstorming over the past couple weeks about what i want to do for my final project. I think that my favorite portion of the class was the audio segment. i’m really into music (who isn’t!?) so i thought i should record …

  12. kevin boilard

    My Short Sound Effects Story


    hey everybody, since a picture is supposedly worth 1000 words i didn’t find it too hard to create a story using photographs. however, how many words is a sound worth? i would assume not as many because i had a lot more difficulty trying to create a story using strictly …

  13. kevin boilard

    My Favorite Post (By Me)


    looking back on the daily shoot assignments one picture keeps coming to mind as my best photograph. bare in mind i don’t own a camera so all my photographs are done with my webcam. well, hope you enjoy it anyway!


  14. kevin boilard

    My Favorite Posts (By Others)


    With the visaul and design portion of the class wrapping up here are some of my favorite photographs i saw that were turned in for the daily shoot! beautiful work, everyone!

    Photo 1 from: http://liriopeandmythology.com/

    Photo 2 by, colin.maximized
    Photo 3 by, eschmieg

  15. kevin boilard

    Buddy Photos Assignment


    Description: Find a little figurine or a stuffed animal that you can carry around with you. Use that “buddy”; and take photos to document where you have gone together. ie: going out to lunch, going to the movies, etc.

    Hey, I want everyone to meet my buddy, Ziggy Stardust, but …

  16. kevin boilard

    UMW’s Own Jimmy Ford: Rap King


    20 year old sophomore, Jimmy Ford, is an up and coming rapper from Woodbridge, VA. He debuted in 2009, releasing a mixtape as a rap duo named Brofest with Dylan Fant aka DJ Fantastic. Fant mostly created and mixed the tracks while Ford did most of the rapping and almost …

  17. kevin boilard

    Torres to Chelsea?


    I’m pissed. Liverpool is my team in EA Sport’s FIFA 2011 and Stephen Gerrard can’t rip G’s from midfield all day! Who’s gonna score 98% of my goals now? ..Thoughts?…

  18. kevin boilard

    Pet Story


    This weekend i had a new pet for a couple hours. why only a couple hours? turns out a duck would much rather be in a pond with a bunch of other ducks than in a house with a bunch of 20 year old guys… oh well! here’s a picture …

  19. kevin boilard

    Assignment 3: Web 2.0 Thoughts


    Wow! we are living in a totally new age world. reading about web 2.0 was fascinating and really got me excited for this class (not like i wasn’t before!) and the future of the web in general. I found the article written by Brian Alexander and Alan Levine most intriguing …

  20. kevin boilard

    Plugin installations report


    Hey guys, i’m a little late to the party with this post but i wanted to make sure i got it done. installing the plugins went pretty smooth for me however i don’t really understand what they do. especially the twitter tools one which was a little more complicated to …

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