1. @kelriz

    Response to “The 7 Steps to Digital Storytelling”


    To start my response, I’d like to share a quote that resonated with me from the end of the chapter. “The storytelling process is a journey.” This entire course has felt like a journey centered around reflection and personal growth. I have learned a lot about the elements of storytelling, …

  2. @kelriz

    Critique of 7 Elements in 4 Minutes



    For this week’s digital story, I watched a colleague’s creation centered around 7 tips for digital storytelling. I’m still growing in my understanding of high quality digital storytelling, so it was helpful to watch a story that helps build my content knowledge. I appreciated that Paul kept it short, …

  3. @kelriz

    Final Portfolio


    My entire journey through this course was centered around my desire to seek answers to my future. I had hoped to find clarity and define a vision for what lies ahead. I have engaged in meaningful reflection, through viewing stories, crafting responses, and reading text. I hope to be able …

  4. @kelriz

    A Road Traveled


    “And whatever my personal story and perspective might be, it now pales to the story that our community has become.”

    The launch of this chapter describes the power of idea evolution – what once was and what exists now. Joe Lambert might be an originator of digital storytelling, but his …

  5. @kelriz

    My Review of Meeting Elizabeth


    This week, I thought it would be interesting to review a student story. I chose Katie’s story, “Meeting Elizabeth” because of her theme. As I have been exploring my future, the potential of adding another child to our family has been an intense conversation. My husband and I have …

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    Response to Dalton Sherman’s Keynote


    “I believe in me. Do you believe in me?”

    Dalton kicks off his keynote with sheer energy. He instantly rallies the crowd by drawing out the hearts of educators. There is probably nothing more special than a student speaking to the power of education to a massive group of teachers. …

  7. @kelriz

    My Response to “Nobody Likes the Color Brown”


    The great thing about engaging in conversation with other educators is how connected our paths can be. I was sharing with a colleague about this course and she mentioned that she had furthered her studies in technology in education. She recalled creating a podcast and told me about her experience …

  8. @kelriz

    8 Steps to Great Digital Storytelling


    Samantha Borra shares 8 specific steps in her article to lead to great digital storytelling. I found the cycle image itself to be supportive of my journey to becoming an effective storyteller. I’m a fan of visual supports, but it was also great to see that the components resonate with …

  9. @kelriz

    Audio Media


    Part 1: Audio Media

    As a lover of all things music related, I was really excited to dive into these chapters on Audio Media. Surprisingly as I read, I realized that I hardly took advantage of either of these strategies with my students – and certainly not to the degree …

  10. @kelriz

    DS 106 Visual Assignment


    After scoping out the different assignment options, I literally HAD to do this one. I can’t tell you how long I resisted watching GoT. Unlike most of my colleagues, friends, family, etc. I am not into fantasy or war – or anything that GoT has to offer. So I refused. …

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