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    Performing With The Cajón


    Performing With The Cajón

    By: Kelsie Burt

    The cajón is an instrument that’s not a common instrument that people know about. It is a percussive instrument that doesn’t involve any other objects, just an able body. It’s small, but it can produce a big sound, like other percussive instruments. The …

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    Final Week Summary


    Doing the final project was very tedious, and was actually my least favorite part of this whole class. I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to display my story and using four different media platforms to d so. This was not my best work, an it …

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    Week 4 Summary


    Week 4 went smoothly for me. I enjoyed doing this weeks assignments the most because I love films, videos, and shows. For this weeks assignments I feel I completed all the requirements for each week sufficiently. I showed my process for all the video assignments that I got from the …

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    Daily Create for June 13, 2019


    When I was young I always played with dolls. I was having a hard time describing how to do that without, actually saying “playing with dolls”. I would have used picture, but I no pictures of me playing with dolls, but I remember doing it like everyday. This daily create …

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    Daily Create for June 12, 2019


    I always wondered what it would be like to be somewhere whee there was nobody, but me, and maybe some animal, with no buildings. It would be like this Daily Create or maybe it would be a Island. I would be really scared and I probably wouldn’t know what to …

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    Daily Create for June 11, 2019


    Prince is one of the best musicians of all time, and is a musical inspiration to me. Involving him and one of my favorite movies, Happy Feet, into a Daily Create was fun. This song really speaks volumes to me, and has a special place in my heart. I Hope …

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    Whats Your Skills? Video Assignment


    Music is a passion of mine and what is what I am the best at understanding and doing. I love singing, trying to play the piano, and all sorts of instruments, but I think that the Cajón, a percussion instrument is the one for me. I self taught myself how …

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    Where Do You Want To Go? Video Assignment


    I always think about traveling the world, and seeing and being in new cultures. I think of what would be the most beautiful spots in those place, I always think about what kinds of things I would do in those places. Traveling the world is a goal of mine and …

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    Lip-Syncing Along Video Assignment


    I don’t know if you can tell that I love music yet and that Michael Jackson is my favorite artist, but if you don’t know that just watch the video and you will understand. I love all the lip-syncing shows and I especially love when Jimmy Fallon does the lip-syncing …

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    Look, Listen, Analyze


    Analyze Camera Work

    First of all let me say, that watching a scene from a movie that you know is good without sound is very nerve racking, so watching the scene above without sound was very frustrating for me. Anyway, I did it! One thing I realized was that looking …

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    Week 3 Summary


    I know that I did so much better this week than the last two weeks, with completing the requirements for each assignment. I actually showed the steps in screenshot form and also described my thoughts and inspiration for each audio assignment.

    Nothing really gave me trouble this week. I can …

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    Daily Create June 6, 2109


    I really love anything that’s chocolate, and being able to incorporate chocolate in this Daily Create was great. I would have to say that chocolate is sort of my kryptonite, so if an angler had it as bait, and I was a fish, I would definitely bite the hook.

    The …

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    Daily Create June 5, 2019


    I don’t have any kids, and I didn’t want to even think about that because I am so young and I have some life to live still before having babies. I have lived life and learned so many things over the past years, and the paradox below is something that …

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    Daily Create June 3, 2019


    I really liked doing this Daily Create, because it was so easy to do. I knew right away what I wanted to put into the machine, and I liked what came out. The story had a suspenseful beginning, and it had a very unexpected ending.

    #tdc2700 #ds106 Listening to music …

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    Commenting/Feedback on/from Bloggers


    I did enjoy seeing and commenting other peoples blogs. It was great to see how others were doing the assignments and where they get the inspiration from to create them. I personally liked the audio assignments. I think that the blogs that I have seen and commented well with creating …

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    Noise From A Sample


    When you get frustrated do you ever make weird noises, that represents how frustrated you are in that moment? I know that I do, and that could be shown up above, but using a sound from freesound and not me using my voice. Frustration to me feeling I get when …

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    Sick Beat


    Wen I graduate from college, and move on into my future life and future self, I imagine me being with music producers, and becoming a music producer, in order to produce the type of music that I like to the world. Music is a big part of who I am, …

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    My Collection of Favorite Sounds


    I have so many favorite sounds and noises. My favorite sounds come from music, of course. Having the ability to hear different things, gives us the ability to also identify those things. My thought in doing this assignment was just to have sounds that one can easily identify, but also …

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    Quote with a new feeling


    I have always loved a good phrase, or wise words, and good poems. In short little phrases you can get so much from it without so much being said/written. I am not very good with words or remembering them, but when they have music behind them and a catchy tune, …

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    Moon Graffiti


    The sounds on the Moon Graffiti track are used in such an effective way. I thought it was real recording of what happened, but it was obviously not. I like how each person was portrayed by a different. The men that were playing the astronauts, actually sound like the were …

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    TED Radio Hour and ScottLo


    The use of sound effects in TED Radio Hour was used so well. It really made me feel like I was in that story, with the elderly women, and her robot. The sounds of the robot with the women in the background as Sherry Turkle was speaking was really helpful …

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    About Audio Storytelling


    I watched Part One and Part Two of the Series on Storytelling by Ira Glass. One thing that I learned on in Part One of the series is how Ira Glass describes his craft is the use of building blocks when broadcasting. He talks about how there are two building …

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    Best Sports Play GIF Assignment


    Basketball would have to be my favorite sport, and Stephen Curry is my favorite NBA player.When I saw that “Best Sports Play”, was an assignment I got super excited, because the idea came so fast to me and I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

    Basketball has been in …

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    Are We There Yet? Design Assignment


    This assignment was somewhat challenging for me because I couldn’t find a pictures that I wanted to use, or pictures that would go well together. My idea behind creating the last picture was that, I knew I wanted it too look like people were out of place and where they …

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    Destination Postcard Design Assignment


    I have never been outside of the country, but I f I were to go, I would got to South Africa. I love animals, and seeing them run free would be nice, seeing cool blue water would be nice, and being in a cit that I don’t reside in would …

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