1. kjburgam

    Killing Time


    Today’s TDC challenge was to create the first and last lines of a tacky novel. But tacky may be in the eye of the beholder (or possibly in the other eye of that damn cat, who knows). In any case, here are the opening and closing sentences of the as …

  2. kjburgam

    Treatis Philosophicus


    Treatis Philosophicus

    Philosophy is the practice (or perfection) of almost explaining exactly what you sort-of mean in absolutely as many words as possible.

    I think. Therefore, I’m a yam.

    Or maybe a cassava. Or a begonia.

    That’s it! I’m begonia to study philosophy.

    Knock, knock…

    Awww, never mind.

  3. kjburgam

    Beginnings are such delicate things…


    I have started posting for DS106.

    As simple as that sentence looks, it was surprisingly difficult to get it on the page.

    Creativity is important to me. And so, embarking on a creative journey is not a task to be undertaken lightly. That said, I do believe it is a …

  4. kjburgam

    Paying It Forward


    Thomas Weller | StoryCorps. This story touched my heart. Thomas Weller is my hero. This is exactly how I feel whenever I assist someone with a technology issue. I am simply passing on the learning I have been given by others. I encourage everyone to find their inner “Thomas …

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