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  1. Kierra Morris


    For participation i did a fair amount of commenting on other students blog posts and i came to class regularly i believe i missed 2 or 3 classes. I occasionally used my twitter to keep followers up to date with my assignments and daily creates and i also tweeted links in class when it was ...
  2. Kierra Morris

    4 Assignments

    Assignments: 1. i created my first one about a assignment where you did a day in the life of your feet in 3-4 photos and then arrange them in a way that tell a story about your day. 2.  your third eye – For this assignment collect a few photos from the perspective of ...
  3. Kierra Morris

    Final Reflection Post

    Response/Update on Cyber-infrastructure: After going back and reviewing my previous post on cyber-infrastructure i feel that i stand in agreement with all of the previous stuff that was said. I think technology advancement is a gift..yes we may depend on it a little too much at times but that’s no different than depending on faith ...
  4. Kierra Morris

    project update

    After a lot of struggling and frustration i decided that i would change my final project topic. I decided that i am going to tell a story through Google i am not using the pictures and making you put together the story.. i am including the words but i chose an image from the ...
  5. Kierra Morris

    One Story / Four Icons [remixed]

    by For this assignment  reduce a movie, story, or event into its basic elements, then take those visuals and reduce them further to simple icons, four of them. Write your blog post up but do not give away the answer, let people guess! The challenge is to find the icons that suggest the story, but ...
  6. Kierra Morris

    Love: In Three Frames [remixed]

    For this assignment use three photos to tell the story of a relationship. You can use “real” photos that you’ve taken in a relationship. Or search for Creative Commons images on Flickr and find a story to tell with what you discover. You can find a bunch of examples at Slate today and to remix ...
  7. Kierra Morris

    Over-Dramatic Reading [remixed]

    This is a remix of the reading of Kittens, Kittens, Kittens submitted by Ben Rimes and read by his wife. The original assignment was to Choose any written material (a song, poem, short book, excerpt from a novel, scene from a television show, news article, etc.) and record a dramatic reading. Read your selection in ...
  8. Kierra Morris

    Final Project Update

    So since my last post about the final project i have decided to name this work of art my third eye and it will be a mash-up of selected video clips taken by my iPhone during random parts of my day. What i hope the purpose of this project to be is to highlight the ...
  9. Kierra Morris

    Video Assignments_star count

    I completed a total of 28/30 stars for the three weeks total of video work. The videos are listed on my blog so in this post i will just give a brief over view of the assignments that i did. I did the film essay in which i did i best to give you my ...
  10. Kierra Morris

    Opening Credit Redux

    I chose to do the opening credits for the show married with children, i love this show! They are not the most conventional family and so i thought a way that would make it funny is if i inserted some photos of families that were happy and laughing together, and then at the end it ...
  11. Kierra Morris

    Update on Final Project Idea

    So i decided that i would be doing a project on the day in the life of my phone, so far i have not had any good opportunities to get any good pictures since my phone was practically stationary this weekend. And its not so much a day in the life of my phone but ...
  12. Kierra Morris

    Movies That Changed My Life

    I am a huge fan of cartoons and the three i chose for this video were Bambi, The Lion King, and Toy Story 3. I chose these three because no matter how many times i watch them i either tear up or bawl like a big baby. When i first saw Bambi i made my ...
  13. Kierra Morris

    Movie Trailer Mashup

    For this Assignment i decided to use parts of the trailer from the movie orphan and change the audio with a song from the hit Broadway musical and movie Annie! I wanted the parts of the trailer to give Annie a darker image…Annie a smart bubbly red head vs the dark and scary Esther. I ...
  14. Kierra Morris

    Make a Tutorial for you mom

    This assignment was my first attempt at doing the editing and stuff and i was having difficulties with my laptop and the only way i could figure out to do this was to hold my camera at my computer while i did the video. So it’s blurry and you can’t really see what is going ...
  15. Kierra Morris

    30 Second Documentary – tutorial

    To Complete this assignment i did the following: I used my Nikon camera to record my video. I uploaded the video to my computer and then opened it on windows live movie maker. I added the visual effect called edge detection to give the video the cool look. Because the assignment called for a silent ...
  16. Kierra Morris

    Film Essay – Curly Sue

    For this Video Essay Assignment you had to select several scenes from your favorite film (or one of your favorites), and edit them together and comment on some of the filmic elements of the scenes? Why do you like these scenes? What strikes you about them? What makes them good cinema? Is there a subtext ...
  17. Kierra Morris

    Film Essay – Curly Sue Tutorial

    For this video essay assignment these are the steps i took to complete the assignemt: I went to YouTube and in the search box i typed curly sue.. after doing so a bunch of different videos popped up. After carefully selecting the three videos that i wanted i selected them and then clicked on pwnyoutube ...
  18. Kierra Morris

    Grettings From DS106 (tutorial)

    For this assignment i used an app that i have on my iPhone 4. I went to Google to find three images that i thought would represent what i would send to someone to show them that i was in Fayetteville and happy. After selecting the three images i sent them to my phone through ...
  19. Kierra Morris

    Alternative Book Covers (tutorial)

    For this assignment i used Gimp. I did a Google search of the book cover of my choosing ( i used my sister’s keeper). I saved the image to my computer and then opened it in Gimp. After opening the image i used the erasing tool to remove the image that was at the bottom ...
  20. Kierra Morris

    Daily Create Recap !! (3-12/3-18)

    Monday: Make a creative photo of some sort of boundary. This photo that i chose to represent a sort of boundary is of mine and my roommates closets. I chose this as my photo because it represents the boundaries of personal space. It is impossible for us both to go to our closets at the ...
  21. Kierra Morris

    Cooking Show (pre-production)

    Okay so i chose this one because i love to scramble eggs lol and i have always told my mom that my scrambled eggs are pretty enough to be on television ha! Do you love cooking? Why not make your favorite recipe in front of the camera? Host a cooking show in your own kitchen ...
  22. Kierra Morris

    Pop-up video Annotation (pre-production)

    For this assignment it tells you to Use Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker to create a popup video annotating your favorite video mashup (either your own or someone else’s). See the example done for the Buddy/Edward mashup. So i would  use the popcorn maker and i checked out the site and it seems to walk you through ...
  23. Kierra Morris

    Analyze A Movie

    The movie that i chose to analyze for this assignment was the 1991 comedy titled curly sue that starred Jim Belushi, Alisan Porter and Kelly Lynch.For starters ill give a little blurb for those of you who have not had the pleasure of seeing the movie, it is about a guy who takes in his ...
  24. Kierra Morris

    Wednesday Radio Shows

    The show i most enjoyed from tonight’s segment of shows was the live outdoors! It was well rehearsed and written and i could definitely see it developing into some sort of nature show. I loved how each person stayed in character and how everyone had a distinct role that they played and each character brought ...
  25. Kierra Morris

    Monday Night Radio Shows

    I have to say that my favorite show from Monday night was the Drunk was well organized and funny. I could see myself being a regular listener. I did really enjoy how they worked well and added Danny’s sober tips being that he was unable to be able to be there in person due ...
  26. Kierra Morris

    Final Radio Show Update

    So we had to meet again to try and remake our blooper real since the last time we recorded it on sound-cloud and it logged one of my group members and it was lost forever . Tonight due to unavailability only half of the group was able to get together and to put the stuff ...
  27. Kierra Morris

    Radio Show Update 2

    Ok so our group met tonight and we decided to not use any typed scripts, well except for the stuff i said in our intro and closing. At first it was really awkward for me to start as the host, i even had to ask them not to look at me as i spoke…in doing ...
  28. Kierra Morris

    Radio Show Update

    So in class on Monday we came up with the idea for our radio show..We decided to do something similar to a bucket list type thing where we would discuss what we wanted to do before we die. We decided we would not interview people but do it from our point of views and just ...

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