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    Home Stretch


    Well, this week has been relatively easy. I don’t see why Kelsey is always complaining about how much work she has to do. Although I wasn’t thrilled about taking over her blog, at least I can use it as a promotional platform for our new business.

    I know I don’t …

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    We Don’t Cut Corners, We Clean Them


    Well, we have officially disbanded Noir Not the Father, but don’t worry you can’t get rid of your favorite group just yet. We have merged into No Stain No Problem. I guess we thought it was time to put our skills to better use.

    Our Agency’s Site: No Stain No

  3. kroach2

    Saving our Asses


    Create a Warning Poster 3 Stars

    Create a poster warning people of some sort of danger. It can be a danger that isn’t ever present, like the lochness monster, or something really elaborate, like beware falling off of a rhino into a bath of lizards and Shia Lebouf. Have fun …

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    Hit Me Up


    Create Your Own Business Card 2 Stars

    We’re reaching a time in our lives where where professionalism is key. Use photoshop to create your own business card to advertise who you are.

    As the publicist for No Stain No Problem, I am available to cover up the truth. If you …

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    Nicholas Sparks Saves Noddy


    I absolutely love these daily creates, they make me feel so talented and creative. I mean who wouldn’t want to photoshop Noddy being rescued, or create your very own DS106 Kindle Cover! *

    (*ME, DOCTER Stella Vaughn, that is who. I’ll go along with it to make you all think …

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    Baby Daddys, Murderers, and Thirsty B******


    Well it seems that I will be taking over Kelsey’s blog for the remainder of the semester…like I didn’t have enough to do already.

    Anyway for those of you who don’t know…I am Dr. Stella Vaughn. That is all you need to know.

    Apparently, Noir 106 wanted to get to …

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    I don’t know how to do this “nice” thing


    It seems that I am supposed to commenting and giving words of encouragement/criticisms on other members assignments. One of the perks of being a sociopathic psychologist is I have the power to make people think I care. So I may have given you all positive comments, but I am actually …

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    50 Million Hours Later…


    These collaborations are ridiculous. I work alone. I have always worked alone. I only use people when I don’t want to get my hands dirty. This video production of Noir Not the Father has taken up 15 HOURS of my life.

    We have met for filming 4 times…and when I …

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    A little more structure would be nice


    I have decided,  against everything I stand for, to continuing working with the crew of Noir Not the Father. I cannot reveal too much about our new career choice (seeing as how NO ONE has given any REAL guidelines).

    While I have been working alone all of these years, it …

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    These are asinine…


    Seeing as I, Stella Vaughn, have to pick up Kelsey’s slack on her blog, I have discovered the stupidity of her daily routines, more specifically these ridiculous daily creates. Nontheless, it must get done and since Kelsey has decided to take a “break” I will be in charge of completing …

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    I’m not going to lie, when I see we have readings and videos to watch, I always groan a little just because it is not as exciting as creating intense fake movie trailers or photoshopping Dr. Groom’s face on a movie poster. However, this week it was really interesting and …

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    The future is way too close


    Ironically, this week’s Daily creates were full of reminders about my upcoming graduation, and there is the fact that I also had to buy my cap and gown this week…..

    The first daily create addressed the steps you have taken to reach your goal….the reminder that I still have a …

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    Stay Tuned


    I am extremely proud of my groups efforts to come up with such a unique and interesting radio show. NOIR not the father was full of twists, turns, sexual tension, and NOIR.

    There really weren’t too many challenges with the show other than having to do repeated takes due to …

  14. kroach2

    Crushed it — Inside Talking


    This week I listened to Inside Talking, and all I have to say is that is was ahhhhhhmazing. It was by far one of the best radio shows I have heard.

    The overall idea for the show was really interesting. I liked that it highlighted each character individually and gave …

  15. kroach2

    What week is it again?


    It was a little hard to get back in the swing of things after having a week of binge watching Netflix and sleeping in, but it does seem to be getting easier week by week (if I could only tell myself to do my write ups as soon as I …

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    Snappin’ pictures


    My final inspiration post is about Megan Rosengrant. While this post is about one picture in particular, I also want to touch on her enthusiasm and personality in her posts. She has such an animated voice that it brings each post to life and makes it 10x more enjoyable to …

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    That’s a good name


    My third inspired post is about Jonathan Polson. I love his interpretation of this assignment. Not only was it a different way of looking at it but it also did a great job of incorporating his character. The first person narration from Damon in the blog post really pushed the …

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    Use those hands, girl


    My next inspiration is Kimberly Roehl. I always love seeing how each person completes the daily create. Sometimes they are all over the place and sometimes they stay within the same realm. She said in her post she claimed not to be a good enough drawer to complete an idea …

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    My BFF is spectacular


    While Mia Boleis may be one of my closest friends, she is also the most dedicated and creative individual. She puts so much time into each of her assignments and is so proud of them by the final product. It is clear that every creation she puts together is more …

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    Who talks on the phone anymore?


    Who Called? (4 stars)

    Record you self making a phone call as if you were a character off of the wire. The phone call has to be to another character from the wire. You can even make it a three way or four way call. You phone call can even …

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