1. Kaitlin Smart

    Un-scene Stories


    So I have been reading the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins like it’s my job lately.  I started the series in Florida, because I’d figured I’d need a good book for the 13 hour ride down.  Luckily, I have a Kindle, so I was able to immediately buy the …

  2. Kaitlin Smart

    Joke Auf Deutsch


    For the extra audio assignment, I decided to do “Make ‘Em Laugh” submitted by Darren Kuropatwa.  I’m a German major, so of course this assignment caught my attention.  I added some background music from jamendo.com, and found the laugh at the end (which made me crack up when I heard …

  3. Kaitlin Smart

    FINALLY a Mashup


    I FINALLY have my very late mashup ready.  This past week has been crazy, and I just could not think of anything that I wanted to do for the mashup assignment.  My mind was literally blank when I tried to think of an idea, but I finally had some inspiration …

  4. Kaitlin Smart

    Dobby Doesn’t Die!


    I got the idea for my fan fiction project over our trip to Florida.  We took a trip into last Saturday night, and I realized AH HARRY POTTER JUST CAME OUT ON DVD.  Naturally, I bought it, and we watched it on our bus ride home.  When we got to …

  5. Kaitlin Smart

    Letter to a Future Student


    Dear Future Student of DS106,

    Congratulations on making a great decision! This class is literally DA BOMB, and probably my favorite that I’ve taken at Mary Wash thus far.

    Get ready for a lot of time-consuming work. You’ll get an assignment, think, “oh SWEET, this will be awesome,” then spend …

  6. Kaitlin Smart

    First Update from Florida!


    I know I’ve been behind a bit on the videos lately.  I was only able to make one from TDC, but that week was pretty rough, and I really wasn’t up for doing any more work than was absolutely necessary. But if you’re wondering, it was also really awesome, I …

  7. Kaitlin Smart

    Favorite Mashup


    So last night I was sitting at my computer working on some oceanography homework, when my roommate Lara decided it was time for a singalong.  And by singalong, I mean, she decided it was time for her to sing a whole scene from Moulin Rouge directly into my ear.  Thissss …

  8. Kaitlin Smart

    Day One of TDC


    I don’t think I’ve blogged about it yet, buttttt I’m participating in Challenge Week! Wondering why I am not doing a videojournal about this? Mainly because it’s suppose to downpour tonight, and I decided I didn’t want to risk the life of my computer, so I am in the library. …

  9. Kaitlin Smart



    My Inglourious Basterds video was removed from YouTube because it is “too long”.  I will get back at this problem tomorrow.  It is too late tonight.


  10. Kaitlin Smart

    Inglourious Basterds VideoEssay


    After two nights of working on the videoessay, I have finally finished it!  Hooray!  JimGroom was right, this assignment did take a long time, and most of the time was spent sitting and waiting as the video had to be ripped, or changed into the right format, or uploaded to …

  11. Kaitlin Smart

    Remixes and Mashups


    I’m not going to lie.  After reading the first article by Melanie McBride, I felt pretty dumb.  She just sounds so smart, and holy crap, I don’t understand half of what she’s trying to say.  I guess the gist of it, is that remixing and mashups are ways of teaching …

  12. Kaitlin Smart

    Inglourious Basterds on Twitter


    Finally finished my webstory today! I didn’t keep exact time of how long it took me, but it was probably around two hours (which is sad, because it’s not that detailed).  I had to play around a little bit in order to make sure that the photos were the right …

  13. Kaitlin Smart

    First Official Video Journal


    Here’s my first video journal post.  I hope you all enjoy it…and I hope everyone makes the decision to come to the BATTLEFIELD AT 12PM ON SATURDAY, MARCH 19TH TO WATCH THE WOMEN’S RUGBY TEAM. Because we’re awesome.

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