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    Final Project


    Final Project pt. 1 

    For my final Digital Media project I decided to do something I love and want to get into, film editing. For this project I took the instrumental of the song Roses by the Chainsmokers and mashed it with Melanie Martinez music videos. Melanie has, or had …

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    The contest nobody could win (video)


    For this assignment you had to create a mashup of 6 video clips (either TV or Movie) no longer than 2 seconds each. See if anyone can guess your favorite films.


    The top one was for the assignment, the one below is the same video but with the soundtrack …

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    Audio & Music Video Mashup


    This is the second assignment I created for the week. For this assignment you had to take a music video and mash it with a new song. Replace the audio to a music video with another song. Try to get them to fit together as best as you can.

    For …

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    Character Evolution


    For mashup week this week I decided to create assignments instead of doing ones that were already made up. This was one I created: character evolution.

    For this assignment you have to mashup clips of one character from several different remade movies, showing the evolution of the character through films, …

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    Typography images


    For this assignment you had to create an image using typography and text.

    I used quotes said by the chesire cat from Alice in Wonderland to create the chesire cat. I used illustrator, and arched the text to get it to bend like the image. I also used the pen …

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    Lyric Typography poster


    For this assignment you had to use a line from a song and illustrate it using typography. Using music philosophy posters as inspiration.

    I used a line from the song lampshades on fire by modest mouse. I blacked out the image of a tree, flames, and the lumberjack and resized/stuck …

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    For this assignment you had to  make an image out of a bar code.

    Using an image of a giraffe I blacked out in Photoshop and an ordinary barcode I was able to cut the barcode around the outline of the giraffe and earase any remaining, unessecary barcode to create …

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    Slow it down


    For this assignment you had to make a song 800% slower.

    I used the song Gold by Kiiara. After slowing it down the song was thirty minutes long, so I had to shorten it down to fifteen minutes to get it to download.

    The end effect of slowing the song …

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    The contest nobody could win


    For this assignment you had to take fragments of a song (under one second) and put them together. Then people try to guess what all the songs are. (If you don’t know all the songs there’s a list below).

    Hopefully this video stays up since I’ve had a lot of …

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    For this assignment you had to make a story using at least 5 different songs.

    Took me almost an hour to finally get it to post somewhere (which ended up being YouTube). Ignore the black nothingness of a video I had to keep on there so it would upload. *What …

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    Switch it up


    For this visual assignment you had to use Photoshop to change the hue, saturation, lighting, and contrast to edit/change a photo’s feel. I used a photo I had taken over the summer of a dock in Rocky Mountain National Park.



    I played around with the photo in Photoshop …

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    For this assignment you had to take an image of anything you want, whether it be a cartoon character or an image from a movie and change the colors around in Photoshop.

    I found a picture of the powerpuff girls and change their original pink, blue, and green colors to …

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    Summary 1


    Digital media week one:

    This week we learned what to expect in the weeks to come. We were given and overview of all the things we’d be working on this semester.

    We had to record ourselves reading from a sheet of paper which absolutely sucked because I suck at reading …

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