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    Final Project


    The year is coming to an end, which means the Digital Media class was trying to determine what our final project should be for finals week in December. Our professor made the suggestion that we should choose our own project and if it impresses him, he will accept it. Being …

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    Lab 07 – Subnetting


    Lab Part 1 Goal –

    Understand how to build a network and how to assign addresses to each item.

    Process –

    To begin this lab, each of the members were given worksheets to help understand how to build a network. We were given an IP Address to start with, and…
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    Radio Show Update


    Hello and welcome. Ready to hear about the radio show? No? Well life sucks and that’s not my problem so you’re going to hear about it anyway.

    So our class was making this radioshow thing right? Grand. Literally we just messed around for 2 weeks not really working on it …

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    Daily Create – Ds106 Rules


    Welcome back to yet another exciting ds106 daily create. I am so eager to share this with you. Oh boy. This daily create was.. wait for it… ds106 rules. Wu-hu.

    I didn’t feel like going to the site to actually look up one of the ds106 rules because the effort …

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    Radio Show Update


    Recently, my Digital Media class has decided to do a radio show within the upcoming week. Each of us were asked to contribute and create a segment for the show. After consideration and discussing with the group, we have no idea what we are doing. Though asked to make it …

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    Radio Show Poster


    Our Digital Media II class will be doing a radio show on the DS106 website soon, so we were asked to create a poster to represent our show. Here is mine:

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    Assignment Bank – Theme Song


    Today I completed an assignment bank item asking to create a theme song for yourself. Being the usual me that I am, I used a dubstep generator to remix a song and then opened the song in Audacity to slightly remix it more. The song I used was “Gospel” by …

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    Lab 05 – Network Simulation




    Discussing and understanding the process of data encapsulation.


    String Envelopes Folders Markers Different parts of a network for group members to represent

    Notes and Observations:

    To start, each group member had to pick an item they represented (required items were: two routers, two switches, a printer, and…
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    10/03/2016 Weekly Summary


    Following is each blogpost I created for the Design week of Digital Media:

    Daily Creates:

    Daily Create – Circles in Circles https://kyliedeeart.wordpress.com/2016/09/30/daily-create-circles-in-circles/ Daily Create – Old Books I Dare Not Part With https://kyliedeeart.wordpress.com/2016/09/30/daily-create-old-books-i-dare-not-part-with/ Daily Create – NASA Frog https://kyliedeeart.wordpress.com/2016/10/01/daily-create-nasa-frog/

    Assignment Bank:

    Assignment Bank – Good Ol’ Nostalgia https://kyliedeeart.wordpress.com/2016/09/30/assignment-bank-good-ol-nostalgia/ Assignment Bank…
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    Flickr Design Blitz


    Our Digital Media professor asked us to go on a “Design Blitz” to find different advertisements and logos that showed good use of certain design elements. Here are mine:

    1. Space

    I chose this one as showing good use of space. The designers had only the space of the bottle …

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    Assignment Bank -Cartoon Head


    Hello again, assignment bank stuff again. I chose something simple to do again. This features my friend Brianna because really what would my life be if I didn’t make her into some gorgeous artwork. For this assignment we were to change the head of a person or animal into a …

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    Assignment Bank – Good Ol’ Nostalgia


    Once again we were assigned to do assignment bank stuff (shocking, I know). Being the classic Kylie I am, I chose some simple ones to do because that’s just how my life is going right now and who I am as a person.

    For this assignment, we were to create …

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    Lab 04 – TCP / IP Networks



    Create a stand-alone network. Learn about the basic requirements for a TCP / IP Network to operate.


    – Central Switch

    – Ethernet cables

    Notes and Observations:

    To begin this lab, the class had to disconnect their computers from the school network. After disconnecting the computers, we were asked …

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    Assignment Bank – Music Mashup


    Once again, back at it with the assignment bank thingy stuff. This next one I chose was a music mashup which is pretty self explanatory but for those of you who don’t know – its mashing 2 or more songs.. together. Shocking I know.

    Anyways this assignment was worth 3 …

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    Assignment Bank – Reverse Audio Quiz


    This weekend, I completed an assignment in the #ds106 assignment bank – The Reverse Audio Quiz.

    For this assignment we were to choose a song to reverse completely and then post it to see who all can guess what song it is

    Here is mine:



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