1. lacyhoward18

    The Craft of Audio Storytelling


    I never knew so much thought and planning went into audio storytelling.  A few things I learned…

    I can’t just tell the story in less than a minute.  It needs time to build suspense.  Even the most boring facts can be animated and exciting when there is suspense. There has…
  2. lacyhoward18

    This should be easy…..


    Everyone expects minigolf to be easy and fun… BUT IT’S NOT!  Maybe the first hole will be simple, but by the time you reach the 10th hole, there’s giant windmills, bridges, lumps in the ground that spin you ball, endless obstacles.  Yet it is still so fun.  My technique is …

  3. lacyhoward18

    Weekly Summary #3


    Technically this is my first weekly summary since I fell behind the first two weeks.

    http://laceface18.com/?p=37 -What is storytelling?  My opinion of storytelling is basically the same as the beginning of the week.  I’m learning more about digital stories and appreciating them more than I have before.  It does take…
  4. lacyhoward18

    I miss the beach.



    The beach is my favorite place!  I love the laid back lifestyle.  One day I’ll live there, but first I’ll make an invention to keep sand out of my house (especially the bed).  Sandy beds aren’t fun, but definitely worth it.…

  5. lacyhoward18

    Story Map of Nemo


    I thought Kurt Vonnegut’s video explaining the shape of stories was awesome.  His humor is right up my alley.  The shape of stories is so simple, yet almost always true.  That’s why it is so easy to predict endings.  I made a story map for Finding Nemo.  The blue story …

  6. lacyhoward18

    Tell Me a Story


    What is storytelling?  It’s life.  Remembering.  Laughing.  Crying.  It’s bringing someone back to the time you fell down the stairs your first day of sixth grade (which i didn’t do…yes i did).  It’s a way to hold onto the past, and lighten up the present.  When I think of storytelling, …

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