1. landonepp

    A Time to Reflect…On Audio Storytelling


    This week I learned how important audio is in storytelling, especially in noir! Audio and sound effects can really make a story come alive. Audio effects enhance the experience for a viewer or listener and is a key part to any film. After watching the two Touch of Evil opening …

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    Storming my Brain with Radio Show Ideas


    For our radio show assignment in a couple of weeks here is what I would like to do…

    Since we will be in groups, I think it would be fun if each member in the group used their created character and we put together a noir themed story to tell. …

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    I decided to do the Favorite Song audio assignment in which you have to take the lyrics out of a song for thirty seconds and see if everyone can guess which song it is. The song I chose already has a fair amount of instrumental within the song (there is …

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    Here Comes Johnny!


    For the sound effects story, I created Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick walking into Corner Pockets Bar and going in the back room to play a game of pool. All of these sounds are from freesound.org. I tried to make the background noise in the bar simmer down once he entered …

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    Daily Create: Pizza!


    For this daily create, I had to caption what this puppy was thinking. As I was thinking of things to say, I wondered to myself…well what would I be thinking if I was making a face like that. Wanting pizza was the first thing that came to mind, so I …

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    For this daily create we are supposed to take on the concept of ruin-porn photography. This type of photography focuses on the decline of buildings and capturing urban decay in the photograph. Since I don’t know of many buildings around Fredericksburg like this, I decided to make my own picture …

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    Week THREE Summary


    This week was unfortunate for me because I really enjoyed the assignments and the photography theme to them but I could not invest them time to go out and get what I wanted. This was pretty much a week from hell since I was so busy and then ended up …

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    Say Hi to my Friends


    I figured I would choose this assignment of having to photograph my friends while they were not paying attention since I was out of town with them all weekend. Me and 1,300 other friends were at a Young Life camp called Rockbridge this weekend so I figured this would be …

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    Wanted: Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick


    WANTED: Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick. McCormick is wanted in all of Boston for gambling with fraudulent money. McCormick has put down thousands of dollars in counterfeit money for gambling has come out losing nothing but fake money and winning real money. It is believed that he is heading to Las …

  10. landonepp

    My Life as a “Photographer”


    I don’t know much about photography but it is something I have been getting more and more into. I took a photoshop class last semester and that is where my interest for photography started to grow. I don’t own a camera except for the camera on my iPhone. I had …

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    #nodaysoff, A Look into Week Two


    Well, I’ve survived week two. I now know what the professors mean when they say ds106 is life because it sure felt like it this week. I am a very slow reader and do not like to read in general so I was having to stay very disciplined in finishing …

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    Noir noir noir


    The noir readings I read this week were The Postman Always Rings Twice, The Killers, and The Shadow. They had to do with crime, mystery, and drama, aka all true to noir fashion. They were all very interesting so here is what I thought about all of them…

    First, The …

  13. landonepp

    The Killers (how it should have ended)


    Once George retrieves Sam and brings him out in front of Al and Max, Sam quickly realizes that something fishy is going on. “All right, both of you stand right there,” Al says, looking at Sam and Nick. “What is going on?” asked Sam. “I’m going back to the kitchen …

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    One Small Step for Man…


    July 21, 1969

    Today we accomplished something no one else on this Earth has ever done, we walked on the moon. As we were approaching the moon’s surface, my heart was pounding out of my chest. We could see the gray sandy bottom ahead. There was nothing but craters from …

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    For today’s daily create I had to create a collage of everything I did today. Most of my morning was sleeping in since I never get to do that. The first thing I did one I woke up was go to this rec center place with my housemates to get …

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    That One Time I was in a Textbook


    Once Landon Epperly graduated from Cave Spring High School in Roanoke, Virginia, he was accepted to Roanoke College where he would major in Business Administration and also plan to play for the mens soccer team. The injury prone freshman in college did not end up playing soccer at Roanoke and …

  17. landonepp

    Johnny Corner Pocket


    Johnny was born on January 2nd, 1922 in Boston, Massachusetts, where he has lived his whole life. Johnny never had much of a home life. His father, Jim McCormick, walked out on the family when he was five years old. Johnny was an only child so he grew up with …

  18. landonepp

    Week One Summary


    Well, week one is complete. Boot Camp is over (hopefully). I did not know what to expect when I signed up for this class. When I received the email before classes started that this class was a lot of work, I did not want to believe it. I was hoping …

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