1. larissa

    Final Week!


    Here is my final project. I tried to make a movie that characterized Tony Montana in Scarface as a happy, successful immigrant. So I took some famous clips from Scarface and I did a voice over with my sons. I wanted to use that “Happy” song by Pharrell but I …

  2. larissa

    Unit 11


    Here is my understanding of remix vs. mash-up. You remix a work when you alter one particular work. Like there are remixed songs where you basically have the same song but you add some new parts but it is still the same song. An example is the song “Deuces” and …

  3. larissa

    Unit 10


    This is my foley using the Chaplin Lion Cage video:

    Video assignments –

    This was a 5-star assignment to show highlights from a professional athlete. It took me some time, and I don’t like the way the music cuts off at the end, but i like the videos.

  4. larissa

    Unit 9


    Rocky Balboa’s Inspirational Speech to his son.

    Film – Airport – Rocky is looking through the revolving door and people are walking in front of him as he watches his son.

    Cut – walking down the street toward the camera Rocky takes up more than half the screen

    Camera turns …

  5. larissa

    Week 8 Summary


    Serial — The Deal with Jay

    I just listened to Serial. I don’t understand Jay, but the jury seemed to like him so he might be one of those people who is likeable in person. BUT Adnan’s defense attorney is definitely NOT likeable. Her voice is grating and annoying and …

  6. larissa

    Unit 7


    Radio Show/Audio Assignments –

    I think we are supposed to generate ideas for the radio show. I listen to music on the radio, not very much talking. OK..I have heard plenty of sports radio shows, and unfortunately, they now put those radio shows on TV, so those guys with faces …

  7. larissa

    Serial – episode 5 and 6

    Episode 6: The Case Against Adnan Syed

    Ira Glass

    Previously, on Serial…


    So, it’s just, it’s a really tight, really window of time I mean, for this to have taken place, right?

    Dana Chivvis

    Alright, ready?

    Sarah Koenig


    Dana Chivvis

    Mmmkay, so I started it at – it’s …

  8. larissa

    Weekly Summary – Unit 6


    OK — Here are my design examples. Here’s some of what I found during my designblitz:

    Color: this monochromatic place setting looks beautiful to me. The blues are calm and relaxing, classy but not fussy. Looks perfect to me.

    Typography: This was my Teaching Portfolio binder. We were supposed to …

  9. larissa

    Visual Assignments – week 5


    The last three things I drank are pretty much the only things I drink–last night, I had a (delicious) Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale, this morning I started my day with a (delicious) dunkin donuts pumpkin coffee with cream and then I had filtered water with an organic lemon. …

  10. larissa

    Telling Stories in Photos – Unit 5


    Weekly Summart – Unit 5

    Jason Eskanazi –

    What I learned: there is a “grammar” to photography, you need to understand lightness/darkness and translating a 3D image to 2D. It is important what you leave out and it is a mystery – like a poem that “distills language”. he talked …

  11. larissa

    Weekly Summary unit 4


    Monday, February 17 –

    Very very very frustrating day trying to get the radio DS106 bumper done. Had to load and try to figure out audacity. It looks like there is a whole lot of power in that program, but it’s wasted on me because I have no idea what …

  12. larissa

    Serial – Article and Analysis


    I listened to the third episode of Series and read the New Yorker article. I explored some of the audio tools and listened to how some of the radio people analyzed their own work. So now I am going to analyze what we have heard from Serial so far.

    Absolutely …

  13. larissa

    Weekly Summary – Unit 3


    All of my work is set up in categories now. Rather than just have everything in one post, I have all my daily creates together, thoughts and reflections, weekly summaries, etc. I like it this way–I’m hoping I see some improvement over the term.

    I liked Kurt Vonnegut’s shape of …

  14. larissa

    About Audio Storytelling


    Listening –

    One of the nuggets from the “how to truly listen” lady was the idea that “everyone, depending on where we’re sitting, will experience the sound quite differently” — interesting because we all bring our own perspectives to everything. I also thought it was interesting that she said the…
  15. larissa

    Daily Create – International Dot Day


    I am pretty old-school on these creates…I made a dot using a compass and sharpies. The hardest part was finding a compass in the house. The second hardest thing was remembering my password on flickr.

  16. larissa

    Story telling


    I think stories are crucial to creating meaning to the world around us. What comes to mind when I think of stories are the private, intimate, family stories that define us as individuals and families, as well as the larger stories that an organization, country or all humans share.

    My …

  17. larissa

    Animated Gif


    FINALLY – got the animated gif looping. Needed to resize – took me a long time to figure out it needed to be bigger and not smaller…(that’s what she said — lol)

  18. larissa

    Weekly Summary


    I don’t think the results I see on my blog reflect the work I did this week…I spent time making and unmaking themes, pages and categories. Kept changing my mind about how to set it all up. (too many choices?)

    One difficulty for me is that I get lost when …

  19. larissa

    A Personal Cyberinfrastructure


    This was a fascinating article and lecture for me, as an educator. I find it ironic that as higher education is opening up in many ways, secondary schools continue to try to use technology without giving up control. Urban schools in particular are more and more focused on control (KIPP …

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