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    This semester I was assigned to complete a digital project in my digital studies course here at the University of Mary Washington. For my final project, I decided to create an infographic. This was my first time attempting to create an infographic. I used Canva for a short time and …

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    Agent Petrie Retires #Final Summary #DS106


    Hello #DS106, I am here to discuss my final project and reflect on it. For my assignment, I decided to write a story about Agent Petrie, my character and her journey to retirement. Laura finds new recruits for the DS106 program and recruits them, I also discuss their first mission. …

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    Agent Laura Petrie’s Recruit’s #FinalProject #DS106


    Hello #DS106! Here is my final project:

    My story is represented through three different types of media, design, video, and photography. Laura Petrie is getting older, she had reached the point of her career where it is time to consider retirement. Over the years as a teacher, Laura took notice …

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    Looking Ahead #MissionRemix #DS106


    Hello Everyone! One of the assignments that we had this week was to post our ideas for missions. Last week I posted that I thought it would be fun to design posters that advertised our class for future ds106 agents. I was thinking it would be fun to use our …

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    Designing Away #Mission #DS106


    Hello DS106, one of our assignments this week was to post an idea for a new mission for our class to accomplish. If I had to create a mission for us I would say that we should design a poster to advertise DS106 for Fall 2019. Professor Bond could feature …

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    Nancy Drew Escapes From A Car #VideoEssay #DS106


    Hello DS106, I am here with my second assignment of the week. I was challenged to create a video “reading a movie scene.” My Professor posted links to different articles of what that meant, I will embed that webpage down below. I learned about looking at movies in the light …

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