1. Linda McKenna

    TDC 29


    TDC 29: Make a photo of something upside down that is never seen that way.

    I was fresh out of ideas, but my son (my usual sidekick) helped me out.


  2. Linda McKenna

    TDC 24


    TDC 24: Make a creative photo silouette by aiming the camera into bright light.

    Because my blog was down because of the hacking incident involving emre5807, I ended up doing two TDCs today.


  3. Linda McKenna

    What doesn’t kill us makes us… hate hackers


    VERY FUNNY, emre5807!  You thought you destroyed us.  But you’ll see… We’re coming back better, stronger, and smarter because of you!  Grrrrrr……….

    This past week has been an emotional roller-coaster due to the hacking incident.  We were just getting the hang of the DS106 thing, and bam! out of …

  4. Linda McKenna

    TDC 20


    Assignment:  Take a photo where movement of the camera creates an interesting blur effect.   To be honest, I had taken this set of photos previously while driving home one […]…

  5. Linda McKenna

    Progress Report: Week 2


    The second week came and went so quickly that I’m still trying to catch my breath.  My other classes are definitely suffering as I had anticipated.  Sleep deprivation is also […]…

  6. Linda McKenna

    TDC 19


    Assignment:  Record a video of yourself telling a joke. Don’t read it – tell it.   There it is! That is the first video of myself that I’ve posted online.  […]…

  7. Linda McKenna

    TDC 18


    Assignment:  Record a short video that shows an object in motion.   This was my first idea.  Then I came up with what I thought was a better idea, which […]…

  8. Linda McKenna

    The curse


    Here I am again.  I have to leave for school in 40 minutes. I decided to write a post in lieu of washing my hair today.  THIS. my friends… is the curse of the DS106.  I wish I was a … Continue reading →

  9. Linda McKenna



    Today’s TDC Assignment:  Make a recording of the most lively laugh you made someone do. Laugh! by linda3dots This the first time I’ve used Soundcloud.  I know my product is pretty lame, but I wanted to see if I could … Continue reading →

  10. Linda McKenna



    TDC Assignment:  Compose a photograh that includes a “finished product” and at least one of its “raw materials.” This is only my first week of DS106, and already, I’m hooked.  I love the constant challenge of creating something and solving … Continue reading →

  11. Linda McKenna



    Assignment:  Create a 30-second “breaking news” update about something that happened to you today. My very first Daily Create!!!!  Yay!  This is actually supposed to be a “breaking news” video, but oh well…  I did my best.  It’s also my … Continue reading →

  12. Linda McKenna

    Impostor Syndrome


    This page I found online defines Impostor Syndrome as:

    a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist even in face of information that indicates that the opposite is true.

    It’s a common psychological term which I am intimately familiar with.

    This is my first post on this brand new blog, …

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