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    The Rise of the Cybrarian

    I was sitting in the lobby of my dentist’s office waiting for my annual dental appointment to begin. A few people were flipping through magazines and chatting. One lady looks over and notices my employee badge and asks me where I work. I tell her I am librarian in a…
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    Do Badges Work Better Than Grades?

    “Badges ruin intrinsic motivation!” How many times have we heard this? But what about Grades? Grades can also do much to damage the intrinsic motivation of a student and is often very limiting in helping students understand where they failed an assignment or subject. This is where badges could help.…
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    Rezzly Makes Learning Fun!

    Gamification has always been a fuzzy concept to me at best, and a potential teacher nightmare at worse. Too many things could go wrong if done incorrectly and it just scared me off. To clarify what gamification is and get over my angst, I turned to Chris Haskell and Rezzly
  4. @Lisa Fish@pinkywish50

    Design Brief: Learning 2.0

    Our team was tasked with creating a multimedia project to demonstrate theories and practice regarding the Emergence of the Profession. Essentially this involves reporting on the origins and uses of a key learning theory through an engaging format of our choice. This is awesome because as teachers and professionals, we…
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    Privacy in the Digital Age

    Privacy Is A Myth
    The truth is, we never had online privacy and we never will.  We can manage it as best we can, and we should. But let’s face it, with more than one billion people on Facebook, and over 500 million tweets going out daily across the globe,…
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    The Logic of Transmedia

    Does “transmedia” and “multimodal” mean the same thing? No, according to Henry Jenkins, Provost’s Professor of Communication, Journalism, and Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. There is often confusion about what the term transmedia means, and even controversy surrounding its definition within academic and entertainment circles. In his…
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    The Lemon Poem

    For this DS106 Daily Create we were to write a three-line poem about lemons without using the following words: lemon, yellow, round, fruit, citrus, tart, juicy, peel, and sour. It was challenging avoiding these words. I had several false starts and edits before finally getting my idea across, which is…
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    The World Needs Your Stories!

    Storybird is a creative, fun and engaging platform to make art-inspired stories that can be worked on individually or with others for collaborative projects. Users choose from a wide variety of art themes and build a story around those images. Finished stories can be shared with family and friends through…

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