1. @Maisie_Loh

    My World, My Mind – A storyboard a day


    I’m starting a story, one storyboard a day based on a working title “My World, My Mind.”

    It’s an experiment to see where the story would lead by not changing the boards even if the story goes nowhere.

    Here’s the first board.


    Storyboard 1 – My World, My Mind…
  2. @Maisie_Loh

    Excited! Brewing a Digital Story


    I’ve always loved storytelling. Although I am not sure if this conflicts with my practice as a Buddhist.

    A Buddhist practices to stay in the present, while storytelling involves delusional imaginations and doesn’t centre the mind. As the saying goes, “Divinity is found in the present moment.”

    Torn between storytelling …

  3. @Maisie_Loh

    A Storytelling Blog Post using random images


    I used to be a short filmmaker and was passionate about screenwriting and filmmaking. However, most of my experience came from being able to practice in the industry, mostly as a television producer.

    I have stopped making short films because as you know, it is a team effort and I …

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