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  1. Najeebah

    GIF the Portrait Project- Jack Frost

    Original Image of Jack Frost Photoshop-Hue/Saturation   Photoshop Filters Create GIF using Giphy During class, the steps of creating GIF is done with Photoshop and Giphy. First, is uploading a portrait image in Photoshop. I choose the fictional character Jack Frost from the movie Rise of the Guardians. The cold weather of autumn reminds me … Continue reading "GIF the Portrait Project- Jack Frost"
  2. Najeebah

    DS106 Projects That Intrigues Me

    When scrolling through the DS 106 assignment bank, I felt overwhelmed by the choices to select for my two projects since there were numerous assignments in each category. For this assignment, I decided to choose my projects from two different media categories. The first project I am capable of completing is called Design Your Superhero because … Continue reading "DS106 Projects That Intrigues Me"

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