1. NoiseProfessor

    Reality TV – The Horstylist


    Inspired by @andessurvivor’s work on Design Assignment #342.  I didn’t exactly follow the rules, and I’m sort of afraid I came up with a real fake reality show – that is, a fake reality show that’s actually real – but there you have it.

    Photos CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 by Lara …

  2. NoiseProfessor

    No Trouble in Little China


    A wordless MacGuffin?  Could it work?  Probably not.  This one is perhaps far too obscure for anyone who isn’t a superfan of Big Trouble In Little China, which happens to be one of my all time favorite movies.…

  3. NoiseProfessor

    Northern Voice 2011 Tour Diary, Part 8


    Carne Asada Jam – Sunday, May 15
    Rousted from dreamless sleep by 11:30 AM alarm.  Shower and walk up to Bump and Grind with GNA for some coffee and little carrot cake muffin thing with the good time frosting, after which we swing by @draggin’s pad.  The three of us …

  4. NoiseProfessor

    Northern Voice 2011 Tour Diary, Part 7


    Epic Jam – Saturday Night, May 14
    First to arrive at the jamspace.  Nobody else around, so I doze a little on the sofa, then decide to make myself useful by setting up the cymbals and other drum business.  Grant and the rest of the gang arrive, and I borrow …

  5. NoiseProfessor

    Northern Voice 2011 Tour Diary, Part 6


    Northern Voice Conference, Day 2 – Saturday, May 14
    Wake up, shower, and board the bus for UBC with @DrGarcia.  Interesting city sights, one act plays through the bus windows – squatters on the upper floors of ratted-out buildings, prostitutes in handcuffs, old neighborhoods and hillside architecture, sirens and commerce.  …

  6. NoiseProfessor

    Northern Voice 2011 Tour Diary, Part 5


    Soundlab  – Friday, May 13
    Walk to @draggin’s, where the bbq is in full swing.  Jason’s garden has asparagus that needs grilling (pick those and eat ‘em already, Jason!), freakishly tall strawberry plants, and lemon balm in abundance.  Author’s Note: I would love to try gardening in this climate, …

  7. NoiseProfessor

    Anatomy of DS106 Revisited


    Based on feedback from @DrGarcia, and on some things I forgot – notably the comment syndication – here’s v2:

    I’d like to open this diagram up for group discussion/revision, but I’m still looking for a collaborative, web-based flowcharting tool that’s as good as Visio, which is (in my view) …

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