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    Final Project


    Good Evening,

    I am here to tell you about a story that is all too common for a college kid. Once Upon a Time, Chris Millan, a broke sophomore in college worked during his winter and summer breaks at a local Italian restaurant to save money for school. His only …

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    Memento Story – Daily Create #3 – 7/22/14


    Remove the chicken and put it on a plate. Pour sauce over your chicken piccata dinner.

    Check your amazing concoction for seasoning. Place the chicken back into the pan and let it cook for 5 minutes.

    Add fresh lemon juice, white wine and capers. Bring the dish to a boil. …

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    Week Assignment 4 Summary Assignment


    This week has been mixed to say the least. I was excited that we got to participate in the video part of the course. Given that I had few problems with iMovie, I wasn’t to worried. This week work began to slow down so I had some time to work …

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    Draw Nature – Daily Create 1/4 – 7/17/14


    This week has been long and unforgiving. I am usually upbeat, but I lately just have been tired. I am pushing through though. This is a picture of a flower that I saw earlier today. It is not as pretty as it was in real life, but still serves the …

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    Look, Listen, & Analyze – The Joke Pencil Trick


    Look, Listen, & Analyze – 

    Camera Work The following clip is only 3 minutes and 3 seconds long.  The clip starts of with of the shot of the Joker casually walking in. Then quickly, the camera pans over all the mobsters of Gotham. In that 20 second exchanged, we are…
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    Week Three Summary


    Final Summary For Week Three: 

    This week has been mixed to say the least. I was excited that we got to participate in the sound part of the course. Given that I had few problems with sound-cloud, I wasn’t to worried. This week I also began to ramp up work …

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    Foley Sounds Assignments – August 0:31-1:00


    This assignment was a challenge. We were asked to create a sound that would follow along with Charlie Chaplin’s movie. This is the original clip I was to recreate.

    That was the original clip. This is my recreation.


    In this clip, there were four distinct sounds that I had …

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    Modern Vintage – Daily Create #3 7/10/14


    Today’s daily create is to take a photo of something modern and make it look old. We were advised to not use a black or white filter or a sepia one. Then the question was, how do you make a modern image look old? Naturally, I was inclined to use …

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    My Life in a Sentence – Daily Create #1 7/7/14



    As of Monday, July, 7 2014, my life revolves around constant planning. It is a love hate relationship! Currently, I am planning how to complete the assignments for ds106 and manage my work schedule. The anxiety is the worst at the beginning of the week, but it gets better …

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    Week Two Summary


    Reflection on Tedx Phoenix Talk:


    Design Safari: 


    Design Assignments (I did four accidentally)

    1# http://www.oaminzay.com/uncategorized/one-story-four-icons/

    2# http://www.oaminzay.com/uncategorized/the-big-caption-design-assignment-2/

    3# http://www.oaminzay.com/uncategorized/read-poster-design-assignment-3/


    Giving and Getting Comment Feedback:

    This week I made comments on both Sarah French and Anna Cotuna’s page.  On Anna Cotuna’s page I noted that I really …

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    Design Safari


    This has been a challenge to say the least. I believe that sometimes we get so busy with our daily lives, we forget to appreciate the little things in life. So this week, I took an extra special attempt to pay attention to the aspects of my life which I …

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    Cartoon The Head! – Design Assignment #4


    Cartoon The Head

    I am going to take you through my journey for this design assignment, I started by looking for pictures of cartoons. I didn’t know what I was looking for exactly, naturally I began to procrastinate and look at pictures of cars. It is amazing how the human …

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