1. ord

    Dogs and cats rule the world


    ds106: Daily Create Write a newspaper story from 2035 describing the sociopolitical dynamics of a world now ruled by cats and dogs

    The sun goes down. Underground dweller Ord creeps out from the shelter carved into a ravine bank. She doesn’t like to call attention to her exact location …

  2. ord

    Running water


    ds106 Daily Create: Create a short, beautiful video featuring moving water (fountain, river, etc.) Add music.


  3. ord

    Too much yellow? Never!


    ds106 Daily Create: Bonnard said, “You can never have too much yellow.” Prove it in a photograph.

    I’m a believer, but it’s hard to compete with Bonnard’s yellow boat.

  4. ord

    Fred’s pizza pie


    ds106  Daily Create: Use 10 random words in a story about cheese.

    Okay, here it is, but it’s crazy.

    Fred says that cheese is the darling of pizza pies. One variety, two or even three—as long as it’s steamy, stringy and rugged. So what’s your pleasure? Do thoughts of dancing …

  5. ord

    Stars of today …


    ds106 Daily Create: Ode to your eyes: the stars of today. Make it Mixed media

    If you please, I’ll count raster graphics and vector graphics as “mixed media!” This took a little longer than twenty minutes because I got stuck on the shooting star. Tutorials online helped me along—and in …

  6. ord

    I discovered today … the depth of my students’ passion


    ds106 Daily Create: “I discovered today …”

    My university is losing its identity. The Board of Regents in the state of Georgia announced on Friday afternoon that the university where I teach, Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU), will merge with Kennesaw State University (KSU).

    Even though the official vote hasn’t …

  7. ord

    Ordember, a new month


    ds106 Daily Create: Create a new month … 

    Once again the geniuses at ds106 have paved the way for creative problem solving. Just in time for the 2013 holiday season, Ordember will be inserted in the annual calendar between November and December. This adjustment to time will solve many issues. …

  8. ord

    Something warm—cinnamon bread!


    Daily Create: Take a photo that represents something warm.

    I’m having trouble keeping up with the busy folks at University of Mary Washington’s ds106, but it’s still fun being along for the ride! Here’s my “something warm!”…

  9. ord

    A riveting card game


    ds106 Daily Create: Play a game with someone. Make a short video of an interesting interchange.

    Well, I have to hand it to ds106. I’m doing pesky things that I haven’t done before such as embedding a YouTube URL into my own blog post. So here’s my quick game and …

  10. ord

    Rosy sunsets over Church Mountain


    ds106 Daily Create: Write the first paragraph of this novel:The Sky is Never the Same?

    The sky is never the same when the sun drops beneath Church Mountain on a cool fall evening. Every night we charge up the stairs for the spectacle. From the upper story windows we see …

  11. ord

    Bit by bit


    Hmm … my first assignment for ds106. Draw an image that creates a positive connotation for the word “hacking?” A lot to ask of someone to complete before midnight—someone who had spent the previous 48 hours sifting through 100′s of webpages on University of Mary Washington’s  ds106 website.

    So …

  12. ord

    Me? A superhero?


    ds106 Daily Create:  Draw yourself reaching a goal as if you were a superhero saving the world.

    20 minutes? A Marvel Comic? My friend the blob brush in Illustrator was the tool of choice. The assignment inspiration was my trusty “Fitbit Flex” the rubber bracelet that somehow motivates me to …

  13. ord

    Get ready for this: ds106


    You say, “What?” Yes, ds106. It’s time to dig in and expand my digital storytelling skills, and it looks like ds106—headless at University of Mary Washington—might be just the place to do it. Stay tuned.…

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