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  1. philimagne

    Candy Apples

    My all-time favorite treat! My father, my brother Ray, and I used to bike down Ocean Parkway to Coney Island and get Jelly Apples (That’s what we called the red ones. The term candy Apple was usually reserved for the ones covered in caramel, or nuts) on the promenade.  Neither Raymond, nor I, could penetrate […]
  2. philimagne


    There once was an African Rhino, Now there’s not, as did she say, “Goodbye?” No! But has our universe  Been made better or worse  By her loss? Well, my friend, He’ll if I know.    
  3. philimagne

    On the Passing Of Janice Singh

    Janice Singh passed away the other day. Don’t bother to Google her name; she wasn’t rich, or famous, or controversial. She was my friend, a good woman, a good mother who raised her daughters to be fine, intelligent, independent women. She left a large, loving family, and many friends, my self among them, who will […]
  4. philimagne

    Digital Storytelling Course

    Well, I’ve signed up to take a course in digital storytelling to prove my blogging skills. The assignments will appear here, and your comments , criticisms, concerns, questions and feedback are all welcome. Feel free to be brutally honest, as I have never unfriended anyone for sharing their honest opinions. In my opinion, the greatest…
  5. philimagne

    It’s A Pleasure to Meet You

    The device I use most often is the iPhone 5c, and I must say that as a lifetime Trekker I am impressed and hugely pleased with the progress we are making toward our Star Trek future. The smartphone is closer to a tricorder than I ever dreamed of seeing, much less owning. I love the…
  6. philimagne

    On Black and Red

    My looks, dark and coarse, Are so frightening they force Cops to unhinge And injure me. But this fine, red-haired lassie, With her fair, freckled chassis, Will be handled A good deal more gingerly.
  7. philimagne

    An Old Fart’s Ode to Social Media

    The Online Conversation (To the tune of “The Dangling Conversation” by Paul Simon) It’s the Facebook photo albums Of our pets, and our kids, The flood of birthday eCards, And funny YouTube vids, Constantly tweeting our experience, Like our journals read aloud, Our pearls cast to the crowd, In the online conversations And the superficial memes,…
  8. philimagne

    My Hen Renni

    I get a little misty, now and then, When I think about Renni, My pet hen. A polish crested chicken, She was smart and sweet, Asking only for love, And some mealworms to eat, And a warm arm to nap on Every now and then. That was sweet Renni, My pet hen. She was never…
  9. philimagne

    Canarsie Climb?

    A young racing tortoise named Ned, Full speed toward Canarsie once sped, Then decided to hurkle, Thus forming a circle, And rolled to East Flatbush instead. ~ Philski
  10. philimagne

    Gaining Perspective

    If you ever start thinking that your problems are too big, or that your opportunities are too small, you can open this tool to see what BIG and SMALL really mean. It’s so good it will blow your mind every time you use it. The Scale of the UniverseGood News

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