1. @philtubman

    Who does the driving? Technology or pedagogy?


    Thought I would blog on this one. Please do comment if you have anything to add.

    Perusing through the ocTEL mailing lists, I have noticed that a few people are talking about who does the driving in this relationship. The commonly held view is that pedagogy should come first and …

  2. @philtubman

    xMOOCs, cMOOCs and what I might get from #octel


    MOOC is a popular word buzzing around universities at the moment, and some people are talking about Udacity, Coursera, FutureLearn like they are going to be the be all and end all for higher education. Much of the content for these platforms is video, and there has been some notable …

  3. @philtubman

    Change every lightbulb in the house


    In Uruguay, every schoolkid has a laptop. A hard cased plastic laptop with wifi and a webcam. Costs a couple of hundred dollars, probably a lot less. Kids can use these laptops for whatever they like, not just schoolwork. What do you think happens – they spend all day on …

  4. @philtubman

    Who is Protagoras?


    Back to ancient Greece again.

    Protagoras was a sophist who lived around the same time as Socrates. Essentially he disagreed with the Socratic notion that there are ‘forms’ that exist outside ourselves, such as virtue and justice, and it is the goal of the philosopher to teach people the ‘external’ …

  5. @philtubman

    Welcome to Sophistry Blog


    Why Sophistry Blog’?

    This blog is primarily about education, learning, pedagogy, technology, futures, but the word ‘sophistry’ takes us right back to the start of Western Philosophy – Socrates, Plato and early definitions of scholarship. Today the word ‘sophistry’ takes on a negative meaning – “a specious argument used for deceiving someone” …

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