1. pomathorn

    Cory Doctorow FTR – International Postage


    Remix of a photo by Jonathan Worth

    This assignment was to take an image of Cory Doctorow from a collection of images created by Jonathan Worth and remix it.  My idea was to take the image of multiple small head shots of Doctorow and make them into postage stamps.  Initially …

  2. pomathorn

    Charlie Chaplin’s Wild Kingdom


    Initially I drew a blank when trying to think of a new story for the clip of Charlie Chaplin in the lion’s cage, but then it reminded me of the Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom television show which suggested some possibilities. Wild Kingdom is a wildlife adventure show from the …

  3. pomathorn

    Reading Movies


    The movie clip that I chose to “read” was “Judge’s Game” from Rounders.  This is a movie that I knew nothing about before this week and know only a little more about now. The Judge’s Game scene starts with six older men playing cards. Just after the action starts, a …

  4. pomathorn

    Weaving the Web


    Week 9 was a week for listening to the Headless DS106 Radio shows and for experimenting with hacking the web.

    Radio Show Critiques

    Finally I have listened to all of the Headless DS106 Radio Shows.  I am amazed that they are all so different in format, genre and theme and …

  5. pomathorn

    Hacking – Word of the Year


    While brainstorming for ideas for today’s Daily Create, “Draw/Create an image that creates a positive connotation for the word “hacking”, I realized that I could combine this with our assignment to hack a website. What better way to give hacking a higher profile than to have the Oxford English Dictionary …

  6. pomathorn

    Mimi and Toutou’s Excellent Adventure


    This assignment was to create a story of an historical or literary figure using Google Maps as the framework.    My story is about Mimi and Toutou, neither literary nor historical figures, but two forty-foot long naval launches that were transported from London via Cape Town to Lake Tanganyika in 1915 …

  7. pomathorn

    Radio Assignment Weeks 7 & 8

    Merry Hacksters’ Radio Show

    The main activities during the past two weeks have related to the creation of the Merry Hacksters’ Radio Show.  The whole experience was unique.  I have done very little work with audio before and I have never worked on a group project that was organized and …

  8. pomathorn

    Design Week. Best. Week. Ever (so far).


    Week Six is design week and has been my favourite so far.  The design blitz/safari was a lot of fun and, as I was away from work for four of the five days this week, I was able to take some photos of things I don’t usually see during the …

  9. pomathorn

    DS106 Propaganda


    This assignment was to create a DS106 propaganda poster using a WWII poster as its basis.  I chose a poster I found on the Canada at War Forum and used Photoshop to remove some of the existing text and replace it with DS106 content.  I had some difficulties finding appropriate …

  10. pomathorn

    Alternative Magic Realism


    This assignment is to take a cover of a well-known book and re-design the cover to suggest something completely different.  I scanned my bookshelves and selected Orlando by Virginia Woolf, giving Lord Jim a miss.

    Orlando to most people means Disney World, so I found an image of the Magic

  11. pomathorn

    Late September Photoblitz


    Photoblitz, a set on Flickr.

    I did my photoblitz on Saturday morning outside my house and opened the garage for some ideas.  Unfortunately being under a tight deadline does not bring out my best attributes and I didn’t end up with a lot of photos.  Of the few I …

  12. pomathorn

    Colour Between the Lines


    The Newspaper Blackout Assignment suggests that you should “grab a marker and today’s morning edition and start blacking out sections to create a new story. It could be a poem, a picture, or a novella, all drawn from the words of the latest news”.  I decided to shake this up …

  13. pomathorn

    Sampling the Audio Smorgasbord


    This week was challenging and eye-opening as I know very little about audio.  I listened to four parts of Ira Glass’ series on storytelling.  His comment about creating crap for a couple of years before making something good was both encouraging and discouraging.  It is demoralizing to think that it …

  14. pomathorn

    First Foray into Radio


    A radio bumper, a short advertisement for the radio station itself, sounds like an ideal first radio assignment.  I downloaded a Creative Commons instrumental track from ccmixter to use as the background, then I downloaded and installed Audacity.  With the help of some googling I was able to record …

  15. pomathorn

    Storytelling – First Thoughts


    What first comes to mind when I think of storytelling is the oral storytelling tradition.  I think of Icelandic sagas, nursery rhymes, fairy tails, myths, and stories that get passed from generation to generation orally.  I tend also to think of stories as having a narrative.

    Next I think of …

  16. pomathorn

    Beyond the Digital Facelift


    This week, week two of the Headless DS106 Bootcamp, one of our tasks was to listen a recording of a talk that Gardner Campbell gave at OpenEd 2009, entitled “No Digital Facelifts“. Although many great ideas percolated through this presentation, I decided to focus on one small portion …

  17. pomathorn

    Scrooge Discovers Peanut Butter


    My first step in this assignment was to google the title “Say it like the Peanut Butter”. What allusion to popular culture had I failed to grasp and what key piece of information was I missing? Now I know how to pronounce the word “gif”.

    The assignment was to make …

  18. pomathorn

    Bootcamp Reflections


    This was the first week of Headless DS106 and it made me think of the Hunter Thompson quote:

    “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of …

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