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  1. qsyed

    Farewell CT 101.

    One GIF that basically sums up the class: Ryan’s positive and humor always made me feel as though the work could be completed, and if I couldn’t solve that problem I could always ask him for help As the semester comes to an end, I just wanted to say it has been a blast being … Continue reading "Farewell CT 101."
  2. qsyed

    Tuesdays Class

    Hi, guys I just wanted to make a blog post about today’s class session. Which happened to be very practical, when it came to setting up our domains.   I sat down at my computer a tried to remember my password lol I ended up resting it because I couldn’t figure it out. I sat … Continue reading "Tuesdays Class"
  3. qsyed

    ArE MeMeS ArT?

    A Philosophical Question: Most People: My Response:   I believe that memes are a form of art because they allow you to express your emotions and thoughts effectively. I mean think about, you can find a meme for just about all the things that you feel and do throughout your whole day. You hungry and … Continue reading "ArE MeMeS ArT?"
  4. qsyed

    Rotary Power

    Hey guys. I wanted to start by introducing myself a little bit. My name is Qadeer Syed, I am 20 years old. Currently, I’m majoring in computer science with a minor in CT. Below are some GIFS I’ve made a video from Donut Media.  featuring one of my favorite car’s, the Mazda RX-7 FD, that … Continue reading "Rotary Power"

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