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  1. Matthew Vazquez

    Departed Drift – Vid2

    Here is Departed Drift my 2nd and final video assignment.  I decided to use this scene from “The Departed” and represent the characters adrenaline rush when they are fighting by inserting a racing, adrenaline-filled clip from Tokyo Drift.
  2. Matthew Vazquez

    Design #2 ICON

    Here is my icon.  I decided to use Paint to create it.  I don’t think that it represents me as much as it represents my lifestyle.  That is, to never fall asleep, keep challenging yourself, and stay LIVE!
  3. Matthew Vazquez

    Slow and Steady

    I think I’m starting to get it…After messing around with hosts, domains, plug-in links and the frustrations of having 50 different passwords and usernames, I think I’m starting to understand how this whole thing works a little better.  I think … Continue reading
  4. Matthew Vazquez

    Stay LIVE

    Welcome to Quez Live, where my personality and creative expression will be displayed LIVE as I wrestle with many new media’s that I am unfamiliar with.  I’ll be your DJ, Quez a.k.a Q-Easy… Let’s Go

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