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  1. Lara Jensen

    Going to Work with ds106

    I don’t even remember how I came across ds106 for the first time… but it has been a great place to drop in and participate once in a while! Winter 2011: I started to think about the web as a place to exchange ideas and be creative rather than just consumption and played around with …
  2. Lara Jensen

    More Thoughts on Digital Storytelling

    Yesterday I tweeted that I wanted to get back in the ds106 playground. Last week in the Fall 2013 Headless Course for ds106 the current participants explored what digital storytelling actually is. You would think that participants in a course called Digital Storytelling 106 would know! Having dropped in on the course a few times …
  3. Lara Jensen

    More Thoughts on Digital Storytelling

    Yesterday I tweeted that I wanted to get back in the ds106 playground. Last week in the Fall 2013 Headless Course for ds106 the current participants explored what digital storytelling actually is. You would think that participants in a course called Digital Storytelling 106 would know! Having dropped in on the course a few times …
  4. Lara Jensen

    Reflecting on Camp Magic Macguffin

    I am now back from my holiday in Paris and can properly embed my video Solving the Mysteries of Camp Magic Macguffin that was completed before I left and before watching Martha and Alan’s final videos: Thoughts About Camp At Camp this summer, it became very clear, once again, that life really easily gets in …
  5. Lara Jensen

    Solving the Mysteries of Camp

    I finished this just before I had to leave for the airport and can’t find the embed on my phone. Hope you can see it here anyway: It was very rewarding to make! Reflection coming soon…
  6. Lara Jensen

    Is Everything Good a Remix?

    So you want to be creative? 1. Copy 2. Tinker 3. Combine In part 3 of Everything Is a Remix: Elements of Creativity, Kirby Ferguson states that “creativity isn’t magic. It evolves by applying ordinary tools of thought to existing material.” He expands this idea by explaining that no one starts out original and that …
  7. Lara Jensen

    7-day Daily Create Mash-up

    About a week ago, I resolved to do some of the Daily-Creates for ds106. In perfect “make a resolution” style, I promptly failed and didn’t complete the first one on July 9! I was able to do the second and then in my Tweetstream I saw: Now that I had started I surely couldn’t stop… …
  8. Lara Jensen

    In Praise of External Challenges

    I have to say that when I saw today’s Daily Create I wasn’t thrilled. Make an annoying 30 second pre-recorded telemarketing call. It didn’t sound like something fun to do so I put it off for most of the day. Without Cogdog’s Seven Day Challenge for the Daily Creates, I may well have skipped this. …
  9. Lara Jensen

    Using Keynote to Make a Movie

    I never intended for this to take as long as it did… those are turning out to be famous last words here in my summer of ds106. As explained in the video description, The Daily Create #187 said: Make a video of what is playing on channel 106 on your cable (or make it up). …
  10. Lara Jensen

    It’s a bird… It’s a plane…

    You’re right, CogDog… How hard is it to take a photo of a cloud on a beautiful summer day? Today’s Daily Create reads: Take a picture of a cloud and tell us what it looks like to you Here’s my original cloud photo: It looked a little like a horse to me so I found …
  11. Lara Jensen

    Kill Bill as Silent Movie

    One of the current ds106 video assignments challenges us to return to the silent era: The dawn of cinema had no audio; silent movies created an atmosphere with music and the use of cue cards. Take a 3-5 minute trailer of a modern movie and render it in the form of the silent era- convert …
  12. Lara Jensen

    Analysing the Basterds [sic]

    I really didn’t want to believe it. Wouldn’t films that follow rules just seem formulaic? How could following the “rules” still produce a good film after over 100 years of cinematography? I hoped it wouldn’t work but as I completed this ds06 assignment, I realized it was more true than I thought! Week 7′s assignment …
  13. Lara Jensen

    Not Reading a Movie

    Good Plan So my intention was to sit down and “read a movie” for this week’s ds106 assignment. I read Roger Ebert’s article on How to Read a Movie, I looked over the chapter on Moving Images in a new book I have called Media Literacy in the K-12 Classroom by Frank W Baker and […]
  14. Lara Jensen


    “This is the week for your major audio storytelling collaborative project – a group radio show. This is not something you should leave for the end of the week!” Oh how I should have heeded those words! Since I was busy attending the ISTE 2012 conference last week, I didn’t do a thing about this ...
  15. Lara Jensen

    Media Mediate Relationships

    Classes are done and reports are written so I finally have some time to do some ds106 work. Yeah! A few weeks ago, we were asked to watch a video of Michael Wesch speaking at UMW Faculty Academy. After some difficulties (see previous post) I was able to see the whole thing. In listening to ...
  16. Lara Jensen

    My Own Macguffin: the Michael Wesch video

    Merriam-Webster Definition of MACGUFFIN: an object, event, or character in a film or story that serves to set and keep the plot in motion despite usually lacking intrinsic importance I finally had some time to get into the swing of Camp so I thought I’d start by watching the Michael Wesch video. It started out ...
  17. Lara Jensen

    First Day at Camp Magic Macguffin

    When my parents first sent me away to summer camp I was less than impressed. I cried for two weeks beforehand but even my 13 year-old antics made no difference. I was still sent – and I really can’t blame my parents, I needed to get away from some of my friends at the time! ...
  18. Lara Jensen

    Feeling like a Student Again

    Although I have been working in schools for the past 17 years, I have not been a student in the an educational institution since 1994. With ds106 I feel like I am constantly playing “catch-up”. I don’t recall feeling this when I was a student. I wonder if I am just “out of practice” or ...
  19. Lara Jensen

    Re-capping the Daily Shoot

    Well, if nothing else, I became better-acquainted with how to use my camera… I can’t say my photos were great but I did learn to never use my flash and to take advantage of the macro setting for anything remotely close. I wasn’t able to take the photos every day but I did enjoy what ...
  20. Lara Jensen

    Four Icon Challenge

    Thank goodness for long weekends – a perfect chance to get caught up with ds106! So far I have looked at almost half of the blogs listed on the blogroll and it makes me feel much better to see that I am not the only one behind. Actually, I was surprised by how many people ...
  21. Lara Jensen

    Web 2.0 Coffeehouse

    Coffee is something near and dear to me. I often plan my day around where to get a GOOD cup of coffee. I don’t care about the caffeine content it’s all about the cup o’ joe. It can’t be just any ol’ coffee: it’s got to have flavour but not burnt taste, body but not ...
  22. Lara Jensen

    Of Snow Days and Sick Days

    Since I have been within range of my couch for the past 3 days, I finally had time to get caught up on Assignment 3a for ds106. In What Is Web 2.0 (2005) Tim O’Reilly summarized that Web 2.0 involves: small sites and narrow niches users who add value perpetual beta co-operation rather than control ...
  23. Lara Jensen


    The Assignment Have you seen this video of Gardner Campbell’s “No Digital Face-Lifts: notes toward a personal cyberinfrastructure” ? I watched it shortly after it was assigned for Week 2 of ds106 but that was so long ago that I can’t even find where our instructions were posted any more! Great Quotes I had many ...
  24. Lara Jensen

    Mind Games

    Well, it’s taken a while but here is my first assignment for ds106. I made the mistake of looking at what others had posted and suddenly felt inadequate for this course. I’m kind of scared to post this after seeing everything else that has been shared by others but, here goes… Mind Games, posted with ...
  25. Lara Jensen

    Hello world!

    I have set up this blog for ds106. I hope that by signing up for this massively open online course (MOOC) about digital storytelling that I will accomplish the course objectives: Develop skills in using technology as a tool for networking, sharing, narrating, and creative self-expression Frame a digital identity wherein you become both a ...

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