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  1. @Reagan Hotz

    How to Impose a Person on a Background

    This is my tutorial for the I’m Ready For My Closeup assignment. The assignment requires you to place a portrait of a person over an inappropriate background. This is my way of doing this. It is not the only way or even necessarily the best way. First, pick a portrait you would like to use. […]
  2. @Reagan Hotz

    Selfies in the Jungle

    This is my response to the I’m Ready For My Closeup assignment, worth 4 stars. I had to take a closeup of someone and impose it on an inappropriate background. I placed myself in some kind of tropical jungle. This doesn’t look too outlandish until you think about it for a moment. It is super […]
  3. @Reagan Hotz

    He Who Makes an Emoji out of Himself

    This is my response to the Mashing Friends and Emojis assignment, worth 4 stars. I had to put a picture of a person next to an emoji with a similar expression. I found this picture of my dad that I thought was kind of funny that also reminded me of the toothy grin emoji. As […]
  4. @Reagan Hotz

    Buying Makeup at Target

    This is my response to the Consumer Mashup assignment, worth 4 stars. I had to take one of my favorite retailers as well as what I like to buy there and make a new logo. Target is one of my favorite places to shop and makeup is something I like to get there. I started […]
  5. @Reagan Hotz

    Week 11 comments

    Here is a list of the comments I left during Week 11. Daily Routine My Favorite Thing to Do: Video Games! Where do your Shoes take you? (4 stars) 5 Seconds Of Fame How to thread a serger..  
  6. @Reagan Hotz

    The Story of Reverend Evadne Tuxhorn

    This is my response to the Mini Documentary assignment. I had to create a short documentary about a person’s life, however, there was a catch: the person couldn’t be a close friend or family member. Given my shy and reclusive nature, I thought this would be a big problem at first. I then realized that […]
  7. @Reagan Hotz

    Comments for Kids

    This is my response to the Comments For Kids assignment. I had to go to the blogs of 3-5 kids and leave them comments. The first comment left was for the talking watermelon. My comment seems to have dissapeared though. YAY!!!!! The second comment I left was for Elizabeth. My third comment was for […]
  8. @Reagan Hotz

    Digital Media Week 10: Video

    My digital media class watched the film Winnebago Man: a documentary about Jack Rebney, a man who achieved notoriety because of a blooper reel from an RV sales video he shot for Winnebago. You can see my response to the film here. I have to film and edit a short documentary about a person’s life. […]
  9. @Reagan Hotz

    Week 10 comments

    Here is a list of the comments I have left on the work of other DS106 students during week 10. @JaapSoft Or maybe the moon is waiting to attack. #ds106 — Reagan Hotz (@Hotz_Digital) October 25, 2016 @dogtrax @ds106dc The moon really looks cheesed here. #ds106 — Reagan Hotz (@Hotz_Digital) October 25, 2016 @dogtrax @ds106dc […]
  10. @Reagan Hotz

    Winnebago Man Documentary Response

    In my digital media class, we watched a documentary titled Winnebago Man about Jack Rebney, a man who is famous on the internet for an outtake reel from a RV sales video. Due to the heat and the flies, Jack was very agitated throughout the filming process and the outtake reel contains footage of him screaming […]
  11. @Reagan Hotz

    Why do I Love the Bass?

    Picking a favorite instrument is like picking a favorite kid or a favorite pet. Everyone says you shouldn’t do it, but everyone secretly does it anyway. This is my response to the My Favorite Things to Do assignment, worth 3.5 stars. I had to record a video of myself engaged in my favorite hobby. I […]
  12. @Reagan Hotz

    Week 9: Shh Listen!

    This week, I was assigned to listen to radio shows created by students from various schools including my own during a radio broadcast. I wrote about the experience in a blog post. I also was assigned three daily creates. First, I explained why I write. I think my response explains itself pretty well. @ds106dc I […]
  13. @Reagan Hotz

    Radio Show Final Thoughts

    On Wednesday 10-19-16 at 7:30 pm, I listened to the radio shows created by students from other schools as well as my own classmates. All the shows were very different from one another, but they were connected by a common thread in the form of a focus on the internet. I also live tweeted the […]
  14. @Reagan Hotz

    Week 8: Radio part 2

    This is the second week my digital media class spent on radio. The radio show will be posted in its entirety when everyone has finished editing their snippets and when all the transitions and breaks have been added. This post details my personal contributions. I was also required to leave 12 comments this week. See […]
  15. @Reagan Hotz

    Week 8 Comments

    These are the comments I left this week. I mostly left witty replies to daily creates. Keep in mind, my idea of wit may be very different from yours. @brimac106 @ds106dc @justin_zamecnik That could be a photo of just about anything! — Reagan Hotz (@Hotz_Digital) October 15, 2016 Radio Show Progress @brimac106 @ds106dc I can […]
  16. @Reagan Hotz

    Radio Show Update 2

    We are creating a radio show in my digital media class to be broadcasted on the ds106 radio station. On thursay, we went to the school recording studio as a class to record our responses to “questions for millennials.” I edited a short snippet of it. I have also created some additional content for the […]
  17. @Reagan Hotz

    Digital Media Week 7: Internet Radio

    This same theme of radio will continue into week 8 as we create a radio show as a class. My first assignment was a blog-post reporting my progress toward completing the radio show. Second, I had to create a promotional poster for the radio show. I also had to comment on at least 12 posts […]
  18. @Reagan Hotz

    Week 7: My comments

    Here is a list of comments I left on Twitter and ds106bond this week. I don’t know of any way to link to a specific comment, so for the blog-posts, I just linked to the post I commented on. Most of them have less than four comments, so my comments shouldn’t be difficult find. Some […]
  19. @Reagan Hotz

    Radio Show Progress

    I am working on a radio show broadcast with my classmates for the ds106 radio station. I will likely put these assignment bank assignments I completed in the broadcast. More importantly, a classmate and I will be recording a bass battle in the school recording studio on Tuesday to air during the broadcast. I don’t […]
  20. @Reagan Hotz

    Who Will Lead us Without Harambe?

    This is my response to the Fictional Radio Ad assignment, worth 4 stars. I had to make an imaginary radio advertisement. I chose to promote the election of King Harambe’s successor. I tied this back to the semester’s overarching theme of the internet by building it on an internet meme, Harambe. I don’t know when […]
  21. @Reagan Hotz

    Stop Taking the Internet so Seriously

    This is my response to the 911, What’s Your Emergency? assignment worth 3.5 stars. All recording was done in Reaper. I used built in plugins to remove background noise from the recordings and I played around a bit with the equalization of my voice. I chose to make this project relate back to the semester’s […]
  22. @Reagan Hotz

    What a Fresh Coat of Memes Can do

    This is my response to the Remake That Genre! assignment, worth 3 stars. I had to find two versions of the same song in different genres and compare and contrast them.  Here we have “Death By Glamour,” the theme that plays during the player’s battle against Mettaton EX in Toby Fox’s Undertale. The song is […]
  23. @Reagan Hotz

    Don’t Break Your Back

    This is my response to the Motivational Poster assignment, worth 3 stars. I had to design a motivational poster with a picture and a quote. I used Inkscape. Actually putting this little project together was very easy. The hard part was deciding what to do. There were so many possibilities and I didn’t want to […]
  24. @Reagan Hotz

    Just Like a Mirror

    This is my response to the A Digital Reflection of Myself assignment, worth 3.5 stars. I had to produce a digital doppelganger of myself. I used my Nintendo 3ds to create a Mii based on myself. I couldn’t figure out a way to take a screenshot with the 3ds, so I too a photo of […]
  25. @Reagan Hotz

    DesignBlitz: Going on a Visual Rampage!

    I went on a DesignBlitz this week, I rode around on my unicycle taking pictures of examples of design in search of good use of the elements of design: space, shape, line, texture, color, form, value, type, symbols & metaphors, balance, rhythm, and unity. Here are some of the beautiful sights I encountered in my travels! This Napa […]
  26. @Reagan Hotz

    Uber Awesome Digital Media Radio Show Proposal :3

    My digital Media class will be creating a radio show this semester. My professor has asked for my thoughts on topics. I’m not very good at thinking of general ideas or topics because I am honestly more of a detail person, so here is something very specific we could do on one particular episode. I have a […]
  27. @Reagan Hotz

    Sound Makes all the Difference

    Sound plays an important role in telling a story. The wrong ambiance can completely destroy the coherence of a scene. For example, a midnight scene on a highway would make absolutely no sense with rain forest ambiance playing in the background. In my digital media class, we looked at this extreme example of sound completely […]

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