1. Clio

    Phantom Learning


    In the lecture by Bryan Alexander, he talks about the 4 possible futures of the higher education. When watching the video of his lecture, I found his theory about Phantom Learning the most interesting and decided to write about it.

    Bryan Alexander predicts that higher education schools will all have …

  2. Clio

    Cyber Bullying Article


    For my second Blog post, I decide to write a response to a Vice Online article particularly interesting because it talks about bullying and how it evolved through time.

    In the past, children use to communicate using telephones and did not use the internet much. However, a majority of children …

  3. Clio

    Extraordinary Picture!


    Hello! This is my 4th Ds106 assignment for this section. I decided to finish this section off with a visual assignment because it is my favorite category! The directions read…
    Take a friend and turn him/her from a normal looking person to an extraordinary looking. Put the shots side by …

  4. Clio

    Movie in a Picture


    For this section I decided to do a Fanfic Assignment because it was new to me. I chose this assignment because other students in my class did this as well and thought it would be a great chance for me to use GIMP.

    The Directions read:

    Take the name or …

  5. Clio

    Guess The Songs!


    Hey I thought doing an assignment from the audio section would be fun for me because I love music. I decided to do the assignment called A Contest Nobody Could Win by procsilas. The instructions read…Take six very short fragments (less than one second each) from six different songs and …

  6. Clio

    Cooking with Clio!


    Hi guys! This is my first DS106 assignment for the 3rd section. This time I looked through the video section and came across an assignment  called the Cooking Show by Jaymie. Although I can’t really cook, I thought it would be a lot of fun making a cooking show so …

  7. Clio

    DS106 Album Cover


    While looking across the Ds106 assignments, I came across the Album Cover visual which hooked me on. The instructions were very simple and the process was all planned out so I thought it would be fun and easy.
    The Directions: So here’s something fun for everyone to do, should …

  8. Clio

    Troll Quote


    Hey guys! I know I’ve only been doing visual assignments this whole time, but thats how much I love them.

    This time for my DS106 Assignment I decided to do a troll quote because I always had a idea for this assignment.
    The Directions read…
    Find an image of a …

  9. Clio

    Group 4 Infograph Analysis


    Our group, decided to analyse The Internet!


    -The inforgraphic used many pictures, making it easier for people to understand and visualize.

    -The font and color they used is very easy to read and clear.

    -Great comparisons to help visualize how big the internet is.


    –Very difficult to …

  10. Clio



    Today’s Daily Create is….

     Take a picture of confusion

    I quickly sketched a face I do when I’m confused

  11. Clio



    Bob Metcalfe was born in Brooklyn in 1946. After high school he attended MIT, where he got his degrees in electrical engineering and business management. Then he went on harvard and earned his master’s degree in applied Mathematics. Later while working for his Ph.D in computer science at harvard, he …

  12. Clio

    DS106 HORROR


    For my first Ds106 project, I decided to do one of the visual assignments! The one I thought would be fun to do was the DS106 Horror one.

    Directions: Create or modify an image of the number 106 that is in the genre of a horror movie. Make 106 seem …

  13. Clio

    My Addiction :(


    Ever since the 7th grade, I’ve been addicted to changing my hairstyle. Classmates would often be surprised by how I would walk in one morning with a totally different look. One of the things I enjoyed the most was dying my hair. (Its so cheap and quick!) One time in …

  14. Clio

    HELLO :)


    Hello I’m Clio!

    I’m a 19 year old freshmen in TUJ. I was born and raised in Japan and went to an International School since the third grade. My father has always been a fan of Apple computers and bought me an Apricot computer when I was 5.

    Ever since, …

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